Sunday, January 18, 2009

We miss the Meyers!

Remember our friends... Brett, Karen and Scotty? We do and we wish they still lived within yelling distance. Our neighbors probably got sick of Stuart yelling "Brett" from our doorway. Well we did get to see them for a VERY Short time while we were visiting California. And Scotty has grown quite a bit since last year when we saw him!

We were excited that he still remembered us because we weren't sure if he would. He's gotten so big, his hair has grown in, and he actually wears clothes (oh the good old days when he was always walkin around in his diaper)! He's a handsome little man now!

Oh who could resist those eyes??? Karen, I think he would get anything he wanted if looked up at me like that! Pretty soon you two are gonna have another cute little Meyer Monkey! Can't wait to see the little guy! We love you guys and miss you tons!


Mahina said...

i love that first picture! he looks so happy about that dog!

karebear said...

scotty says "that's me!" haha. aww i loved those pictures of baloo and scotty. we miss you guys!

ashley said...

aw, he is so cute!

ashley said...

aw, he is so cute!

tutu lady said...

Wow, he has grown up! Very cute boy. Where do they live? That's not their dog, right?