Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bubblegum Showers!

Stuart and I went on a date tonight... we were trying to get into Kaneohe after he got off work in time for the Benjamin Buttons movie. We didn't quite make it so we decided to see Bedtime Stories instead. We weren't disappointed! It was a great movie that made us laugh and smile! My absolute favorite part of the movie was here!

This picture doesn't do it justice, in the movie there is a close up that I absolutely loved! I wish that could have been me... or at least I could be there or recreate this type of scene! It was perfect! So much color... and the green truck couldn't be better! There were so many fun things about this movie! And we love his best friend! And want to keep seeing him in more movies!

Anyways... if you get a chance go watch the movie! Its really fun!

*Image credit goes to Google Images =)


Mahina said...

los like a great photo-op! we rarely get out to the movies, and i don't think we will be going before the baby arrives. we'll have to wait until it is out on dvd. we are going to the temple tomorrow night! probably my last time for awile! hopefully i will be able to be comfortable throughout the whole session???!!

The Foys said...

Oh what a fun date night! Brody and I were thinking about going and seeing it soon. We rarely see movies, but this looked pretty cute! Good to hear it was a fun movie! =)
The bubble gum scene looks awesome! =) You should try it in your next shoot!? ;)
Hope you guys are doing great! Love you!