Thursday, December 31, 2009

I hope....

You had a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! And are planning on having a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! So I had planned on getting Christmas Cards out, we even had a little photo shoot for it... then things got busy, so I thought about Making them New Years Cards.... but haven't gotten around to those photos yet... so I threw this together and decided to put it up here for all to see! Sorry you won't be getting a card in the mail from us this year, but this will just have to do. I think this photo is quite Christmasy. We were all bundled up on our trip to New York.

Thanks to Evan for this shot!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I NEED YOUR HELP!!! This will take less than minute!

I have entered to win a scholarship to the Mike Colon Workshop in Honolulu next month. And I need YOUR help to win! All you need to do is go to his blog and cast your vote for yours truly! This is an amazing opportunity that I don't want to miss! What do you get out of this you ask?

To sweeten the deal, and entice you into voting and getting your friends to vote also... here's my proposal: If I win the scholarship, I will be holding my very own giveaway right here on my blog. I will be offering one lucky reader a free photo shoot! Don't live in Hawaii? I'll figure something else out equally as awesome (or we can save it for when I'm in your area)!

VOTE NOW!!! Voting will end at 5pm PST.

And because every post is better with a photo... I leave you with this shot from Valley of the Temples

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New York: Day 6

On day six we set out to walk around the city a little bit. We wanted to go to the Cathedral at Columbia that we had walked by on our first day in the city. On our way, we came across this... the restaurant on Seinfeld.

We found A cathedral but it wasn't the one we were looking for... still a beautiful building. We took a look around inside and it was HUGE! Crazy how things get bigger once you're inside.

We walked around who knows where for a while and hopped on a bus... bad idea, at least at the time that we decided to do it! We wanted to get for one point to another and on the subway it would have taken us 20 minutes max (at least i think)... we sat on the bus probably for an hour. It was a cool experience though... We saw all the Nannies picking up the little private school kids and taking them home on the bus.

We wanted to see South Pacific to see a different type of show from In the heights. In the heights was set in todays time and South Pacific is a classic that I grew up watching (vhs). We couldn't resist taking some photos in front of the big sign!

I'd say we did an okay job with setting the camera on a bench and doing a timer shot.

After we picked up our tickets we headed back to our favorite place to eat TAIM in the Village. As I sit her blogging about this my mouth waters and my tummy grumbles! This place was SOOO good!

While we were running across town for dinner and back to Lincoln Center for the show, I had somehow LOST our Tickets!!! Uh oh! Thank goodness I paid with a credit card and the guy we bought them from was still there at the ticket window. So he was able to reprint them for us! I got super lucky on that one! I think I would have cried!

While we were watching the show it started to rain, we didn't have an umbrella but we didn't mind... we just ran to to the subway and it takes you so close to anywhere you need to go! It's amazing!

One more day in New York! Coming soon!

I WANT SOME FALAFEL!!! Can anyone suggest any here in hawaii?!?!? I'm sure I can find some somewhere in town, I just have to look for it!