Monday, March 30, 2009


Been busy moving the last little while... but we are alive and well... just BUSY! We'll be back soon.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Gotta Love AAA

Sorry about this extended absence that's been going on around here.

We have AAA for Auto insurance and just a few minutes ago while I was packing up our apartment, I found some mail from them saying it was time to renew. I quickly looked through the paperwork and found that I had missed the due date to make the payment on time. Uh oh... looks like our insurance lapsed... and that means that any time you try and get insurance the record of that shows up and makes it more expensive (the reason I know this is because I let our insurance just run out instead of canceling it when our old volvo stopped working and we were leaving island anyway, apparently that's no good and you get charged more when you get back and try an insure a new vehicle).

I called AAA to make the payment and asked if there was a penalty and the girl helping me was so nice and cheerful and said no, and that AAA is pretty lenient about that. Thank Goodness!

Back to cleaning and packing... but now i'm scared to find other stuff that needed to be done. Cross your fingers!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Moving on...

The last few months or so we have been looking for places to move when Stuart finishes school and we get kicked out of TVA. And we found one! We actually went to a total of 2 spots to check them out! The first one was a studio so close to V-Land that it would have been absolutely amazing! It was a little bit more than we wanted to spend but when we saw it, we were willing to do it! We just wanted to check out one more place before we committed to it. The other spot, no one ever got back to us to let us know when we could come check it out... and the guy renting out the studio we looked at said that if we we're going to look somewhere else, the other guy would get it. Back to square one... things happen for a reason.

At the end of this month we will be moving into our new place! And its all inclusive! When I say all inclusive I mean ALL INCLUSIVE! This is a fully furnished room with attached bathroom, includes utilities, washer/dryer, Big Screen TV, Wii, PS3 (or some other video game console) some extra brothers and sisters, Auntie and Uncle, a bunny and a Jackson Chameleon. Oh yeah, and dinner with the family! All this for 1/2 the $$ of what we were finding before! Soon we'll be a part of the Kai Family!

Last week I saw my friend Krisha at the Basketball game, we were catching up a little and I mentioned that Stuart was almost done with school so we were just looking for places to live once he's done. She said her family was going to rent out a room in their house if we were interested. It sounded good so I told her I'd talk to Stuart and let her know. Stuart loved the idea so we set up a time to go see the room, as soon as we got there we fell in love with the place and are so excited to be a part of the family there!

It's been a good 2 1/2 years in TVA but we're excited to move on and move out!

P.S. Sorry no photo in this post, but thanks for reading through it anyways!

Actually.... since you read, you will be rewarded with this shot of the moon in the late afternoon New Mexico Sky.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shameless Advertisment

Surfing for me is not only an escape from the never ending demands of life out of the ocean, its also a space that fosters clarity of thought and revelation. While drifting idly in between the larger sets, my mind passively wanders back to the expectations of society on our little family. I think about cost of living, the prospect of owning our own house rather then renting, I think about my two jobs and my wife's day job and entrepreneurial ventures in Photography. I think about my family all across the mainland and wish so badly the could share in the beauty of the place we live. I think about finishing school (April 10) and how much that will change my daily life (basically replace school time with more surf time). I think about how blessed I am with good health, an amazing talented wife and a great family. Then a wave comes and I aggressively switch all my focus to the contours of the "bowl" (surf term describing the sharp curvature of the wave as it pitches)
Today while surfing some one asked me how, as a Life insurance agent, do I find new prospects. I wanted to say that there was more to what I do then simply opening my mouth but I couldn't. He caught a wave and I was left out the back floating by myself staring lazily at the sloshing horizon. My mind began, "how can I diversify the way I market my self as a salesman? Knocking on doors? fliers at school? free food and seminars? booths at public festivals? nah..." And then the genius idea seamed to fly through the salt air, into my eyes, soaking my brain... I thought..."ya, I should do a post advertising my services..."
Im sure Ill eventually have to make my own Life Insurance Blog to facilitate the high number of hits ;)
so coming soon to Ke Ola Maika'i...Stuarts shameless life Insurance advertisement...

This is is called negotiating the "Bowl"...all you who don't surf, see how much your learning?

Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday present to me!

Remember when Stuart did a post about my birthday bike? Well here it is.... (actually this is just a google image, its been rainy and cold so I haven't taken the time to walk downstairs with my camera, move my bike and snap a quick shot of him... soooo lazy i know).

But this is pretty much what my New Birthday Bike looks like! and I love it! The blu on mine is a little more electric and I have a basket on the front! He's a beauty and so smooth! I ride him to the store, and to practice and its so nice an convenient! I love it!!!! Thank you Stuart! And thank you Mr. Man on craigslist who didn't want this bike!

Maybe i'll go take a real picture of trekie soon....