Saturday, January 3, 2009

100 MPH... 26 stories high... head-over-heels thrills... flying through flames...

I'm There!!!

Gavan took me to Six Flags Magic Mountain while I was visiting and we had a blast! I think we did it perfectly... we got up early and made the drive to get there just before the gates opened so we would be one of the first people in the park!

When you walk in, there are all these park photographers who rush at you to take your picture, I felt like we had made it past all of them but spoke too soon, just as I said it, one came running up to us so we stopped and smiled for her... then she said "Okay one more and this time how about a kiss" uhh.... "No, we're brother and sister" Sheepishly she says "oh ok, then a peace sign"

So we make it inside the park and run to Viper first, we run through the "line" all the way to where you board all lanes were open so we decided to wait one run to get in the front car.... 7 loops later and we're on to the next ride feeling good!

This is when we found Tatsu... if you get a chance to go to 6 Flags... this is a must ride!

You climb into the seat, pull the harness down over your shoulders, lock that in place and then the ride operators come and strap your feet down... when everyone is in and ready, seats rotate forward so you are face down to the ground! Like this:

Its such a smooth and enjoyable ride with lots of twists and turns and stomach dropping plunges! After Tatsu we ran over to Superman. It looked like it was closed because there was no one around, and the tunnel that the line would go through was dark we walked through the whole thing and hopped right in the car... no one else riding! 10 seconds later we were on to our next ride!

So we ran through the park and never had to wait more than 5 minutes for anything! It was crazy! Then we went to X2

This is like the most extreme Roller Coaster they have so this one we had to wait 45 minutes for but they had these TV's playing xtreme sports clips and all those wipeout clips (Not my Favorite thing to watch) I like watching the xtreme sports when they make it... I hate watching those painful spills. Anyways... this ride is complete with a little soundtrack playing in your ears, more than vertical drops, and flying through flame throwers! As we made the climb in the begining Icould feel how cold the air was getting with the wind picking up... but you could seriously feel the heat when we went through the fire!

So we made it onto every ride we wanted to and went back to a couple for seconds... by that time we were hungry so headed out to the car to eat the lunches we packed and make the drive home. We were out of the park by 2 o'clock having had enough fun! Plus you don't wanna go back on those kinds of rides after eating lunch.

Thanks Gavan for such a fun day!

*Image Credit goes to Google Images


Allison said...

I LOVE Magic Mountain! I haven't been there in about 4 years so I haven't tried X2 or Tatsu, but "Scream" was amaizing!

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow! Malia, IF the airline hadn't cancelled our flight to California over Christmas Santa Clarita (home of Six Flags) is where we would have stayed part of the time!! We could've met, IRL! ;) How cool.

My husband & I LOVE Six Flags. He grew up there and he and all his friends worked at Six Flags in H.S. He and I do the Vipor "repeat" every time we go. Finish riding, straight back in line to do it again & again!

I'm glad you had fun! :) We're going to go in the Spring!