Wednesday, April 13, 2011


See this sweet Girl?

 Well lately she's been extremely lazy!  She's either sleeping or asking me for food!  And she's getting a bit round (compared to her normal self)  She's quite a skinny kitty...

 But would you take a look at THAT BELLY!?!?!

Kitty's Expecting!!!  Any day now!  I'm sure she's ready to pop those babies out since she looks a bit uncomfortable and is starting to waddle.  :)  I love this girl!

What to do?!

There are so many things I should/could be doing....  but where to start? 

I could do the pile of dishes left in the sink last night:
(Sorry i'm sure you don't wanna see this but I'm just keeping it real around here)

 Do this Laundry... maybe not, its way too hot for that!

Or blog about this sweet Girl:

There are quite a bit of other things I could be doing too... our entire house could use a good cleaning.  I'm not too worried about that because we do have guests coming next week and we always get it cleaned up before they arrive (thank goodness we have visitors ALL THE TIME or else this house would never get cleaned up).  Since I'm not surfing today, I guess I'll do a little bit of exercise first!


  Well, the sink is cleared!  Yay!  And Since the sink was clear I was also able to refill all the empty water bottles around the house and put them in the fridge so we have lots of cold water to drink! 

I didn't do the dirty laundry (like I said, WAY too hot for that!), but I did get all the clean, dry towels off the line and fold them up!

I also got a nice little workout in!  And a post about Kitty!  Not bad If I do say so myself!

I hope you're all having a wonderfully productive day!!!