Friday, January 2, 2009

The Girls....

While I was in California, I had the chance to get together with Andie and Camille! It was soo great to get together even if it was only for a few short hours.... These days it seems like we have an annual Christmas break lunch together! Last year we had one with the boys too (our husbands)... but this year it was just us girls! Now that I think about it we seem to have started a tradition of having lunch at a taco place... Last year it was Baja Fresh and this time it was Wahoos!

(Photo Stolen from Andie's blog)

Its always fun to get together with Andie and Camille because even though I live in Hawaii and only get to see them once a year (if that) it's like we can just pick up where we left off 7 1/2 years ago when we were in high school together (has it really been that long???). Where does the time go?? I kinda think we feel the same... and I think we pretty much look the same.... (besides camille's little baby bump!)

(So is this one... hope you don't mind!)

So... we had a wonderful lunch and then I wanted to do a mini photo shoot of these girls at the park just for kicks.

I Love you Girlies!!! It was great to get together and have more laughs like old times! You're beautiful inside and out and I am so grateful for the lifelong friendship that we have!!! I look forward to our next Christmas Lunch! Maybe next time you guys can make it out here... I know a lovely little place for lunch! And don't forget about our girls retreat out here in Hawaii! Love you lots! Happy New Year to all!!!!!


The Foy Family said...

Oh my goodness Maliaz, I miss you so much! And it is SO great to see you once a year (in this case, it's a good thing that the years seem to go faster as you get older)!! When I read 7 1/2, I was like WOW is that right?!? lol, I don't feel much older then I did back then...well in some ways I do, but mostly the same! =) It is the greatest that even if we only see each other once a year, it feels like we all just had lunch last week---I guess that's what makes us all such great friends! We should start like a 'Sisterhood of the traveling pants' kinda thing! lol =) .....Love the post! LOVE the park photos!! And you can steal from me anytime....I think we have made that clear over the years! =) hehe.....Well I think this is the longest comment ever! Remember the e-mails we used to write to each other, and we tried to make them longer each time!? =) ......Love you!!! You are the greatest friend a girl could ask for! =)

PS- Did any of the photos you took of Brody and I come out? Since the lighting was kinda shady! =)

Malia said...

Yes, i'll be posting you and Brody in the next little while. I think we got a couple good ones, the lighting was just really bad though... but still some keepers for sure!

Thanks for the Novel in my comment!!! Love it!