Sunday, June 5, 2011

Yeah it's official.

I'm the world's worst blogger!  And there's been a whole lot of fun going on around here that I haven't blogged about...

So this one's about the "King of the Cloud" contest that was held last week out at Cloudbreak.  It was AWESOME!  Not only were the waves pumping but this big Cat (catamaran)  was out the whole day which made watching and everything so much fun!  It was perfect for competitors, spectators, and the judges who sat on top with a great view!

It was an absolute gorgeous day.  We couldn't have asked for better waves or weather (i personally could have asked for the waves to be a bit more "Malia Friendly" but for everyone else, the bigger the better).

Stuart did so well out there and I am so proud of him!  He wasn't crowned KING of the Cloud but he was definitely in the running!  He made it all the way to the finals beating out some tough competition he had to go against in the rounds leading up to the FINAL FOUR! 

ABOVE PHOTOS (from top left to right to bottom)  1: Me and my Love under the Cat 2: Everyone enjoying the sun and the view 3:  Stuart on a wave in the Finals  4:  Me and Ulai (if you've ever seen Endless Summer 2 he's the skinny kid up the coconut tree that drops a coconut almost killing Pat and Wingnut)  5:  The finalists before the heat (L to R: Inaki from bass country, Aca (our boat captain) Paul (another local boy) and Stuart (my love)  6: Me swimming in the Crystal blue water  7:  Close up of our Fiji Surf Banner... that's who we work for :)

ABOVE PHOTOS:  1:  Me and the other girls in the comp relaxing on the boat ride out.  2:  A few boards hangin out under the Cat  3:  The inside of the boat, everyone getting ready with stretching, waxing up boards and lathering on the sunscreen!  4:  Yes that's stuart at the front showing us the way to Cloudbreak (Tavarua Island in the background)

 The finals were up in the air with Stuart taking the lead early on and all four competitors neck in neck.  Late in the heat Captain Aca ran away with the title catching 2 of the best waves in the heat and finding one of the only Barrels that came through that heat.  Aca also received a perfect score on his last wave!  Hard to beat that but Stuart came up just 1/2 a point shy of 2nd place!  I'm so proud of my Man!

We had such a fun day out on the boat hanging out with friends and members of the Fiji Surfing Association! Hopefully you enjoyed this little post!  I hope to be back again soon!

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