Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tried & True... Twice! But best to keep your phone dry!

So baking our phone was good and saved us from being phoneless for too long however, there were some issues that we had to deal with, so it wasn't back to normal... just working.

- after the (2) water incidents we had trouble getting it to charge without holding the charging chord just right.

- Sometimes we could hear the person on the other end... sometimes we couldn't.

- We had to put it on speaker phone and then it was really loud for everyone else to hear.

- Then even the speaker phone was kinda quiet.

- I figured the best way to talk to someone was to put it on speaker phone and then hold it upside down. The sound was coming out where you talk into... so I just help the phone so I was talking into the listening side and listening through the speaking into side. I thought that was pretty funny and was almost ready to just keep it like that... the hard to charge part was the deal breaker... that just frustrates me.

So here's the old phone with our new replacement! We really like it already. There are a few things we'll miss i'm sure. But this phone came with a bluetooth thing built in. It just pops out of the back!

I know the picture is blurry but I didn't feel like taking another shot and re-uploading it and all that jazz so this is what you get. I never would have just bought a blue tooth but since it came with the phone I tried it out and its kinda cool.


Mahina said...

nice looking phone! i am trying out the blurtooth thing, too, and it is really nice while driving or do stuff around the house while talking! the one i got for christmas i think is to big for my ear and doesn't feel secure, so i ordered a different one (both from costco, love their member friendly returns!) that should be here anyday. hopefully it will fit better. i like using it!

glad the price was right on your phone!

tutu lady said...

That's a funny story. Congrats on the new deal. Blue tooth and all, that's what I need.