Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fun in the Surf and Sun!!!

So Like I said... our camera is back!!! Here are some of the pictures we took on its first day back! We were so excited to get our camera back and sooo ready to take it out! We piled in the car with our friends/neighbors Brett Karen and Scottie and headed for the north shore. Stuart and I are sharing a board right now so its kinda fun because we just switch off every couple of waves whos surfing and who gets to play photographer! Stuart, being the gentleman that he is let me go first and this is what he was able to capture:

my first wave of the day

Sorry about the blurry dot....

My face looks pretty funny in this one... its ok you can laugh.

This wave was actually really fun and I kept going and going... Stuart and I were pretty close ont his one so he only got the first part of it...

Here's Stuarts first wave... it was pretty good

It even looks like he might get barrelled!

Too bad my fat finger gets right in the way of it! In my defense I was about to get worked by the wave.... i'm still learning

but it would have been a pretty sweet shot!

Here's our friend Brett... I know its REALLY far away but you can see what a pretty day it was and how nice the waves were...

You can also see his turn... pretty cool if you ask me!

Another one of Stuarts waves!

It was such a beautiful day! We all had so much fun and are so happy we could capture it on camera! About a 1/2 hour after this was taken the sky and sunset looked AMAZING... unfortunately we had been out about 4 1/2 - 5 hours already and the battery died. But at least I was able to get this shot!

Wish you were here! Aloha!

Hip Hip Hooray!!!

For those of you that don't know... we got our camera back!!! Actually... we got our memory card and battery back with a brand new camera! It was such an exciting day when we received it! I think it was monday! We charged the battery right up and took it out! But last night tuesday, we took it to Water polo with us! Every tuesday night there's water polo club where we can go jump in the water and depending on how many people, we scrimmage or whatever. Last night we didnt have a big turn out so no subs in our little 4 on 4 game... that means I couldnt get out and take pictures until later when we were just messing around shooting. Also... Stuart isn't in any of these because he had to leave for Fiji song practice. So here are just a few pictures from last night!







Mario, Chris and Brett:

Brett, Chris, and Mario:

Next week i'll be sure to bring the camera and get some better pictures. But it was fun anyways! Its always fun for us to be able to get in and play some water polo so were happy they started a water polo club this year! And its also nice Stuart and I have this as a common interest among many other things... we have so much fun together!

Stay tuned!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Mixed feelings...

First of all, Good News.... our camera is being fixed and will be returned to us soon!!! Yay!

Ok so enough of that, Last night my friend Audrey came up from town so we could surf together this morning. This week there was finally a good north swell that we could enjoy. Since this was a pretty big swell, we decided to go to Turtle Bay, those more experienced surfers were probably ALL found somewhere along the Seven Mile Miracle or the true North Shore. On bigger swells, I am able to go to Turtle Bay and still feel somewhat safe and not quite so out of my league. Plus, its not one of those super hot spots and is usually much less crowded. So Audrey and I got up and headed out for an epic surf session. We paddled out and were pleasantly surprised with only 2 other surfers out there! After catching my first wave, it was apparent that we had made a great choice in where to surf today! It was perfect! 2-3+ great conditions and my favorite.... no crowd! we kept getting wave after wave and were pretty stoked! Too good to be true? No dont say that you'll jinx it!
So we had been surfing for about an hour when I took off on a wave... it was just like any other, but this time I fell (and thats normal too sometimes....) and when I fell, I got all jumbled around in the wave and somewhere in the middle of it CRACK! my board nails me right in the nose! OUCH that hurt! First thought..... I broke my nose! Second thought (once I come up from under the water and see the blood in my hand) oh no the sharks are gonna come eat me! I called out to Audrey and she looks over and see's the blood and paddles over to see if I'm ok. She inspects my face and we paddle in. Since we're at Turtle Bay resort i walk up to the pool area and get some ice from the Bar people, we go out to the truck so we can put the ice in a shirt or bag or something (they gave it to me in a cup). So we sit on the tailgate iceing my nose for a bit. So when I got hit, my nose was bleeding from the inside and it split or cut the skin on my face next to my nose.
Afterthoughts.... ok so my nose hurts.... but the really big problem I'm having is that we had to come in from a perfectly good surf session! I was pretty mad about that! So after iceing and getting some Aleeve from a lady walking by in the parking lot and reapplying sunscreen we hopped back in the water. Too bad by this time the crowd had grown about 4 to 5 times! So I have mixed feelings about this whole thing.... That really hurt! and still does might I add... my nose is a little swollen and I have a cut on my face... but, I had some of the best surfing i've had in a while! Good thing I have the squishy "poly" nose (Thanks Dad!) or I'm sure it would be broken.... I dont think it is though.

For your viewing pleasure... here's the little cut I got... and yes, I have a lot of freckles!

Monday, October 15, 2007

And More Birthdays!!!!

HAPPY HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY KAWENA!!!! Such a big girl! Wish we could have been there for your birthday Luau! I'm sure it was amazing! Kawena you are such a sweet beautiful girl we love you so much! I had so much fun when I got to go to Oregon to see you this summer! But the very first time I met you... was when your mom came to california for Uncle Stuart and my wedding! It was such a surprise!!! Look here you are in this picture... I know i know, my big hand blocking you, I'm sorry about that... I guess I just felt like I needed to be the center of attention that day... it wont happen again!

We had so much fun that day at the Park! And you looked so cute in your little hat!

And of course you looked adorable swinging in that swing!

You are so sweet and always happy! Little island girl in your hawaiian print dress!

You love the water! So bath time was a blast!

I love this picture! I have no words you're just too cute!

Thank you for taking a trip to visit us and letting us come spend time with you in Colorado! Here you are on the train ride! You weren't too excited about it but boy did you love that golden ticket!

Not to mention the food and entertainment at the Bar-D!!! You were so excited!

Maybe a little too excited because you were sure worn out!

I love you Kawena!!! I hope you had the best birthday ever! Sorry this was late... I was having problems uploading the pictures and was trying to get this done the past 3-4 days! It was still going to be late... I just didnt think it would be this late! But I just help to make Birthday weeks rather than just a BirthDAY. =) Love you!!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

A beautiful morning!

Stuart left early this morning at 5am for the commercial shoot. I could tell he was tring to be as quiet so he wouldn't wake me, however, his phone rang in our room right before he was walking out the door. I lay awake in bed just hoping I could get back to sleep... but as I lay there it became obvious that it wasn't going to happen. So I got up, walked around the apartment then got on the computer and decided I would watch a movie. About an hour later, I thought to myself... what am I doing?! I should go for a walk on the beach! it'll be nice and cool out and i'm sure it will be beautiful! As I left, I looked up at the sky and thought, I should definately bring the camera.... so I ran back upstairs and got the camera and I'm sure glad I did.

I went up to the end of the point and this is what I saw:
The water was beautiful....

So were the shadows on the green mountains...

I missed the actual sunrise, because I got the idea too late... but it was still beautiful...

And so were the clouds!

We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful place! And we love it! Wish you were here!

Birthdays Birthdays Birthdays!!!

Lala this one's for you! I hope you have the Best Birthday Ever!

Lala you make the world such a funfilled place! You are so funny and sweet and animated and smart and quick thinking and you make people laugh! You bring so much joy to all of your family and friends and everyone you meet.... even people you don't meet but hear your stories or see pictures or watch videos.... they love you!

This video is my Favorite! not only is the song so great.... but the ending lines crack me up everytime i watch it!
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Sorry I couldnt figure out why two showed up and I couldnt fix it either....

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.... here's about a million words! Just some of my favorite pictures of Lala

such a beautiful baby...

And oh so happy!!!

How cute you are all bundled up!

Nice Hair! I love this one!

Sweet Lala with Tutu Man

Ummm.... I think your fingers are supposed to go where your knees are? I'm no expert or anything though....

From our road trip to the Family Reunion

Look how pretty you are!

You even got SpiderMan to be youre date!

Yummy! I loved how much time I got to spend with you during my stay in oregon!

You and Nani are so cute with your matching dresses!

Don't you forget how talented your Mom is! For Making you both two dresses for that special occasion! Mahina You Amaze me!

The trip to Colorado was great!
We had so much fun at the Bar-D

You were so brave on the Boat! You jumped right in the water!

You are soooo strong! On our little hike, you were picking up the biggest rocks to throw in the water!

I think this is one of my all-time favorite pictures of you Lala! You are so sweet and loving!

This is another favorite of mine! You Make a great Lion... and oh so cute and cuddley!

And I just wanted to finish off with this beautiful picture of you, your big sister and Mom!

I Love you Lala! Miss you! Come visit me and Uncle Stuart! We hope you have a Happy Happy Birthday!