Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New York: Day 5

Another awesome day in New York! We started the day off by going to Grand Central Station. What a cool place that is! We just went inside and took a look around for a bit.

On our way out there was this big open area that look like it was roped off but not really. No one was there and we just wanted to go walk around and sit on the benches. As we walked up we noticed there was something left on the bench. As we got closer it looked like an iPod touch or iPhone. sure enough when we got there it was an I phone. We opened it up to see if we could find a number to call to return it. We called the last number the person called and it was the woman's husband. He told us where she worked so we set off to return it to her... but not before taking some self portraits with her phone! hahah!

Here's stuart on the phone:

After our wild goose chase trying to find this lady we met up with Evan for a quick lunch. I forget what it was called but it was another rueben sandwich kind of place and oh so tasty. It was right down the street from this cool building (the flat iron building).

Stuart took this picture... see me?

We really wanted to see a Broadway show and were told to try and get tickets through the lottery they hold the day of. We were trying to get tickets for "In the Heights". They only have so many available so you line up and at a certain time a lady comes out tells you to write your name on a paper and whether you want 1 or 2 tickets. You have to come back in and hour or so and she will draw names until all the tickets are gone. Me, Stuart, Tam, and Evan all filled one out for 2 tickets each to better our odds. We were feeling lucky and Tamara and Evan's name both got pulled so we were all able to see it! Tickets were cheap and such good seats!!! We were FRONT AND CENTER! It was an awesome show full of great music and dancing and some very likable characters. Here we are so excited about our tickets!

Here we are after the show in Time square!

What a fun day!!!! More fun is sure to come, so stay tuned!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

New York: Day 4

I'm Back with another installment of New York! This is day 4 and 1/2 way through our trip. It started out with us hopping on the subway to go to church... the church building in New York is interesting because its in the middle of the city (I don't know if "middle" is the right term because whenever we were going anywhere we were underground so it was hard for me to get a feel for where anything was in comparison to anywhere else that we had been). It was right across the street from Juilliard which was cool to see. Not only that but the same building houses the chapel as well as the Temple! Pretty awesome!

Pretty awful angle I know... (we were about to go down to the subway when I remembered I wanted a photo of the temple) oops.

After church we took a walk down to Central Park. It was so beautiful! And I got to see those beautiful fall leaves that we don't get over here!

Not only were the trees beautiful but the light was awesome!

I'm not really sure but I think Stuart told me to be serious.... I couldn't hold that face long enough to get and shot of it but that's ok.

One of Stuart's old mission companions lives in NYC so we met up with him so they could catch up!

And since the game was rained out last night.... It's game day!!!

Here's Stuart supporting our angel's!

We were all about supporting the Angel's in Yankee territory. So we got all of our red stuff and Angel apparel.

We took the subway into the Bronx with the Thousands and Thousands of Yankee Fans. We got quite an ear full but we found a couple nice ones who were willing to pose for a picture. Don't they look fierce!?

Another awful shot but I had to put it in here.

Here's Tam and Evan in front of Yankee Stadium!!!

Go Angels!!!

This is obviously before the game =) haha!

So is this one! I have never in my life been boo'd at so much! It was incredible! When we got off the subway and were walking with all of the other game goers there were security guys in the tunnels with megaphones and as soon as one spotted us, he announced that there were Angel fans there and everyone turned and boo'd us! And told us to go home! It was hilarious! That was all in good fun but there were some seriously mad people who were disgusted to see us there.

We were pretty much at the very top of the stadium so when we walked up the stairs and turned the corner everyone above us saw us immediately (i mean how can you miss that clifford the big red dog parka?) and started yelling at us! And those who didn't see us immediately, turned to look as soon as they heard all the booing and promptly joined in!

The shot above is funny because we wanted to get a photo with the field in the background and were doing the whole self portrait thing when the guy sitting behind us offered to take it. After he snapped the shot he said "oh, I didn't see your hat" Apparently he wouldn't have offered had he noticed we were angel fans! SO FUNNY!

Bobby Abreu is my favorite so I had to get a shot of him on the screen since I couldn't get one of him in real life. He just looks like a cute cuddly teddy bear! Good reason to be my fave huh?

What an amazing stadium! I'm so glad we were able to be there! What an experience!!!

It started to get really cold really fast! So I bundled up as much as possible. There was a guy sitting in front of us wearing shorts! I couldn't believe it! I was freezing!

Even though the Angels lost, and that was sad, it was super cool to be there at game six! And watch the Yankees win the American League Championships! Too bad it wasn't the Angels.

GO ANGELS!!!! We still love you! And there's always next year!

Another wonderful day in new york! And still more to come!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

New York: Day 3

This is gonna be a short post. Today was supposed to be game day! As soon as the angel's won in Anaheim and we knew there was going to be a game six in New York jumped online and found tickets to the game! We were super stoked to be going to an angel game at Yankee stadium! Can you imagine???

First we went to Lunch (yes, lunch was first... remember how we stayed on Hawaiian time? Six hour difference... no biggie!) at the world famous Katz's Deli.

Yes Stuart and Evan are sporting their Angel's Gear in New York City... Yankee territory! Brave I know.

Here we are having a playful "discussion" with the workers of Katz's. They didn't like Evan's Jersey. Neither did a table full of guys that told us to get out of the city! And they weren't even joking about it. Looking at their faces you would think that we had done something really terrible like stolen their little sister's kitty cat and strung it up in a tree. The workers were nice though.

Here's Stuart waiting for the subway. I must say, the Subway is amazing and I loved it! What a brilliant idea that works perfectly. And the people who live there and use it all the time know all the ins and outs about it! I personally got turned upside down and around every time I went underground and came up again... but it's really an amazing system they have going there!

Another shot... pretty much the exact same but I like both. I like the yellow streak but I also love the one with the american flag passing by!

So like I said... it was supposed to be game six but it got rained out. I think instead we stayed in and watched a football game.

Stay tuned for day 4!

Monday, November 9, 2009

New York: Day 2

Wow that took a while! Thanks Andie for the reminder and encouragement to get day two and more up on here!

Day 2 we started out at the early hour of around noon. =) Apparently we decided to just stick to hawaiian time and not do the whole time change thing. I guess thats ok to do in the city that never sleeps.

Stuart and I ventured out on our own and made our way down to the the Staten Island Ferry. I wanted to see the Statue of Liberty while we were there and this was perfect.

This is a FREE ferry over to Staten island that goes right by Lady Liberty. We rode over to Staten island where we had to get off and then just walked right back on. We were told that there is absolutely nothing to see or do over there so we got back on the ferry.

Isn't she lovely!?

After our ferry ride we went to Greenwich Village! We love it there! We just walked around the little neighborhood looking at the cute apartment buildings and the little businesses there. If we had to live in New York this is where we would want to be for sure! We also found our all time favorite place to eat! There'll be more on that in another post! Evan and Tamara came and met us for dinner which was amazing and I crave it now! Tamara's friend had a show at a comedy club and got us on "The List" so we got in free.

I took this photo before they got up and said no photography or video allowed. So after that I obediently put it away. But I'm glad I got this shot first =). Ryan Hamilton was the comedian and he was hilarious!!! You should google him for sure! And the main guy was also really funny and the show was awesome! It was our first time in a comedy club and it was such an awesome experience and I'm glad we were able to go!

After the comedy club we went to the driving range at Chelsea Piers. It was super fun!

Stuart broke one of the clubs while we were there. hahah. But it was no big deal, they just gave him another one... Is that common or something?

Oh he also hit the ball so far it hit the net.... I think he even hit one out and over it into the water! Stuart LOVES the driving range.... I don't think he'd like real golfing too much but he just loves to see how far he can hit the ball!

Another awesome day in New York! We probably went and got Pizza when we got home at midnight too. I wouldn't be surprised... we ate a lot of pizza while we were there.

I hope you enjoyed day 2! I know we did! More New York posts to follow... hopefully it won't take as long this time!