Sunday, March 30, 2008

One of God's Magnificent Creatures!

Since I didn't get to post these earlier... here are some pictures I took a couple weeks back. On a Sunday afternoon, Stuart and I drove on over to Waimea Valley. I had never been before but apparently there is a waterfall back there thats really nice. Unfortunately they now charge you to go back there however, before you get to the point where you have to pay its still beautifully green and they have these magnificent creatures walking around... or standing around... or posing there just for me to snap away.

The male peacock is so amazing to me! I don't know anything about them or their behavior or what it means. But this fellow seemed to either really enjoy the attention or was trying to distract our attention away from something else... if he was trying to distract us, it worked on me! He just stood there.... spun around a few times... even when little kids were walking really close to him he didn't seem to mind.

Sooo beautiful!

It was nice being up there and being able to take some pictures... the only downer was that there had to be a million mosquitoes up there and I felt like I was being eaten alive by them... I had pretty itchy legs the next couple of days, but it was worth it!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Nani!!!

Seven years ago the Mason family was blessed with this little gift from heaven! Noelani Malia Mason was Mitch and Mahina's first born and brought joy and light into their home. Today is her special day and I wanted to wish her a very Happy Birthday!!!

Nani has always been such an adorable little girl.

So happy!

Such a good big sister right from the start.

And continues to take care of her little sister.

And its so nice that they love each other so much!

Noelani is turning into such a beautiful little lady!

Happy 7th Birthday Nani!!!
We love you and wish you were here!!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Girls gotta Shop!

Mahina and I enjoy shopping together. Since we don't live in the same area or even on the same land mass that can be difficult. When I visited Mahina this summer we went to Nordstrom Rack to find her some jeans. Her jeans were Boring. Mitch likes it when I help Mahina pick out clothes. I get her into stuff that is cute and flattering. She has such a nice figure but will pick out stuff that does nothing for her... BORING. (I'm not being mean we have an understanding... plus if she thought I was mean she wouldn't ask for my help.)

I just got off phone from a 2 hour conversation with Mahina. Even though we're apart, we were still able to go shopping together! Awww the beauty of the internet and free mobile to mobile. Mahina was in the market for a new swim suit... no not the kind you wear to the beach, (she lives in Oregon far from the coast and its cold there... she was talking about firewood and shivering and stuff that I have long since forgotten) but for working out, swimming laps.... that sort of thing. I got on the computer and did a nice little google search and found a great website! I told her where to go and we were able to browse through the suits together... It was almost like we were flipping through the same rack right there together! We were so surprised at the amount of suits they had on this site! There were slightly different cuts (how much can to do to a practical swim suit for swimming laps) but there were a ton of different colors and designs to choose from! Again... mahina likes simple, nothing that draws to much attention. She was able to find just what she needed and for much less than what she was looking at before! This first suit is plain and black yes... but not boring.

Its got this nice criss cross back... nice and simple... classic really.

I'm not disappointed in her choice, in fact I would have chosen the same one! Mahina's next suit of choice got a little more daring added a little touch of color... but not just one color... 2! This Navy blue suit would be boring if it didnt have the light blue piping.... still a very nice suit and you can't beat its price! 20 bucks! This last one I was so proud! This one has more color plus it has a design on it as well!!! Very cute! Mahina you made me proud! And I had a blast shopping with you!
The following suits are more what I would have picked out for myself... Mahina's just not quite ready for that yet! These weren't necisarily my favorites... but just an idea of how different our taste is! But I really do love the suits Mahina picked out too!

oh yeah... so if you're wondering, we found these suits at

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Free to Move about the World!

Its official... I am a real live passport holder! All the pages are empty so I can't wait to get my first little stamp in it! Where will it take me first.... Fiji? We'll see!

I was so surprised at how quickly I received my passport in the mail... I had heard from everyone that it takes so long to get, that once you've sent in the application, you forget about it until it arrives in the mail weeks or months down the road. It only took 10 days to get mine! Good thing I didn't expedite it, that would have been a waste of $60...

Get ready world... Here I come!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

We Love Visitors!

We were so lucky to have Alli, Flint and Isaac with us for a couple days this weekend! We loved every minute we were able to spend with them and were so happy they were able to make it over here! Here are a few pictures from our Sunday Adventure.... and by Adventure I really mean viewing the beauty of our Heavenly Father's creations...

Our first stop was at a beautiful Bay... I felt that this picture of the bay reflected in Stuart's "oh so cool" sunglasses was more fun than just a picture of the bay itself.

Next stop was Pipeline: Were able to sit a while and enjoy the entertainment of watching the world class surf... it also gave me the chance to play with our new camera (still learning how to use it!)

Here's Flint getting a closer look:

It was nice and relaxing sitting on the beach, I think even Isaac enjoyed himself!

After Pipe, we went up above Waimea Bay to the Heiau (where there used to be an ancient Hawaiian temple). This picture of the grasshopper qualifies the trip as a nature walk.

There is such an amazing view from up there. I love that you can look out to Ka'ena point (top left corner), and that you can see the lines coming in on the ocean.

Here's the happy family!

This was taken on our way to Turtle Bay to watch the sunset. I just love this picture!

I know this may not be the best exposure wise but I love it... Alli looks like an angel! And Isaac is adorable too of course... but that goes without saying.

And this was the sunset we were able to enjoy! I love my home!
Sunday was Stake conference so we got out at 12pm, we played a few games while lunch was cooking in the oven then headed out. Alli was saying how nice it was that we got out early and still had the rest of the day to enjoy... we laughed because we usually start at 8 and get out at 11am. So I thought it was nice that we were able to sleep in!

Its always nice to have friends and family come visit! We're looking forward to next week when Dad is coming out for a few days (he's working on a video for his 50th High School Reunion!!!) Can you believe that!?!? And next month the Facer's will be out here on vacation!

So anyone else coming out for a visit? You're always welcome!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

For your viewing pleasure:

Last night after getting home from work, we went over to Turtle Bay for a quick surf/photo session before the sun went down. It was a beautiful evening and as the sun went down it painted the sky with beautiful oranges, reds, purples and pinks... Here are a few shots I got:

Here's Stuart surfing as the sun goes down:
I love the silhouettes of the coconut trees in this one...
I still need to learn a ton about this camera so I can take some REALLY good pictures... but these were some I thought were worth posting for now!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Aint she a BEAUTY!!!

I know I'm biased but isn't my baby just the cutest thing you ever did see???

Now I'm sure you're anxious (believe... me I am too) but you can't expect to see amazing pictures just yet... There's a lot to learn about our new little baby! But we'll keep you posted! And there will be lots of photos soon!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

It's coming around again...

That time of year is coming around again... Yes April 16.... taxes are due. This year I was thinking we could do it early and just get it out of the way. 2007 had so many different things going on that we decided that we would just have someone else do it... the problem is.... I don't think we've gotten all the paperwork we need. My biggest concern or question is about our summer, we worked for a company that went bankrupt, does anyone know how we deal with in terms of doing our taxes? We haven't gotten any w-2 forms or anything (Stuart was an independent contractor so that would be something other than W-2 but I'm pretty sure I am supposed to the w-2) sent from them... they no longer exist so I don't know what to do? Any suggestions?

I never liked doing taxes in general... but now with us having so many odd jobs and businesses and summer companies going bankrupt it gets even worse.

Anyone finished with their taxes yet? If so I envy you! If not good luck!