Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'll Be Back!

Aloha everyone! Just wanted to let you know that I wont be posting anything for the next week because I'm working on a project right now that needs all of my time and attention! Thanks for visiting and stop by again in about a week!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

We miss Brett Karen and Scotty!!! =(

We are so happy to be back home! However there is definitely one thing thats missing..... for any of you who have ever lived in married student housing such as TVA, you know that every semester things change, people graduate and move out. Until this last semester, that never really affected us too much. WE MISS OUR FRIENDS!!!! Brett Karen and Scotty... we want you to know that every time we walk by your apartment we get sad... and you know that we have to walk by there a lot seeing we lived in the same building!
We miss the beach days with you, we miss not having to use a phone to call you, we miss scotty opening the door when we walk by, we miss how he would escape your apartment and come upstairs to ours! we miss scotty's strongman and how he would get into EVERYTHING! We miss surfing with you, we miss Scotty running up to the piano and playing along with the Organ in sacrament meeting!

We are glad that we got to see you in California but we do miss you and are ready for you to come back home whenever you are!

This one's for the Facer's!

Mostly for Becky since you weren't there!

Ryan Facer was Stuart's roommate when I met Stuart.... I never really met Ryan except when I called their room and woke him up, later finding out that he was sick in bed with mono. I felt really bad about that.... sorry! The Facer's live in Utah but were in California at the same time as us. Unfortunately we weren't able to get together earlier while Becky was still in town, but Ryan came down with Oli (pictured below) and the guys were able to jam together for a little bit just like the old days. Stuart really misses you Ryan and he loved being able to play with you again, plus you guys sounded really good!

Becky just thought you would like to see this picture! Oli is so cute! I'm glad we got to meet him!

BFF Reunion!

While in Newport we were able to get together for lunch with my Best Friends from High school! Andie and Camille! We have so many fun memories together and I love that we are still able to keep in touch! After high school we all went our separate ways, I flew off to Hawaii, Camille went to Utah and Andie stayed based in California (she went away to Utah for a bit and off to Europe for a while but California was always Home for her). Camille's home is back in California now as well. Now that I live on a rock in the middle of the sea I dont get to spend much time with them so it was nice just to be able to see them for that short time!

Not just the girls but our husbands too! This was a first!

Love you guys!!! Remember our girls week in Hawaii... I'm ready for that whenever you are!

Stuart and Malia's Excellent Adventures! (A highly condensed version)

Ok ok... so I started a post about our time in California and I got so bored with writing about it! Don't take that the wrong way, I think anyone would be bored reading it too! We had such a great time in California but writing about it turned out to be a boring travel log with no pictures! And I personally am not a fantastic storyteller like my husband so I just don't think I should post what I had written so I think I'll just highlight a few things....

Also, I was horrible with picture taking, I think I got used to only using the camera in the water and even though we did get in the water and surf a few times, it was too cold to even think about bringing the camera out.

Most importantly.... we were able to spend time with family and friends and enjoy the spirit of Christmas! We were able to see almost our entire family (Michal, Jared, and kids... we missed you dearly!) including 2 little nephews we had never met before! We are so grateful we were able to make it to California for the Holidays and we enjoyed every minute of it! I hope that everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season and wish you a very Happy New Year! (I know its already 1/2 way through the month but I still want to wish you a happy new year!)

I know I said no pictures.... but I have to sneak this picture in here...

This is one of the new nephews Scotty... and I think its a pretty cute picture... reading his Hippo Book... you know I have to love that!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Will You forgive me??

My apologies to anyone who is actually still visiting this site.... Not sure if there are any of you out there anymore I hope so! What a wonderful break full of family, friends, holidays and fun! The holiday break started on the 16th when we flew out to California to Surprise the family.... well it was supposed to be a surprise but ended up only being a surprise for a few... surprise or not... we had a blast and are so grateful we were able to spend so much time with our family! The vacation has just barely ended today when Mom flew out of Honolulu International Airport back to California (dad was here too but flew out on Friday so he could be back for a photography seminar.... LUCKY Dad!).

The thought of blogging is a little overwhelming considering its been so long since my last post which was pretty uninteresting judging by the lack of comments... I promise to get back to it ASAP but right now, i'm keeping my husband and friends waiting ... so I better get going so we can play games!

Hang in there and Thank You to anyone who is still out there!