Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tried & True... Twice!

If your phone ever gets soaked and stops working, have no fear... all is not lost! A couple days ago, we left our phone on the kitchen counter next to the sink... a stream of water often runs across the counter from the sink so after finding our phone in a puddle on the counter we thought it was time for us to get a new phone. We opened it up dried off what we could and decided to let it sit over night to dry out. The next day I remembered that if you let it sit in rice over night, the rice will suck the moisture out so I filled up a bowl with rice and buried the phone in it. That day I talked to Kawika and he said you can actually bake your phone in the oven and it will work again. I was skeptical but was willing to give it a try.

I threw that bad boy in our toaster over and baked it for 20 minutes at 200 degrees. Voila! It works again! Who woulda thought?!

This morning I went out for a quick photo shoot and left Stuart sleeping soundly. When i returned home, he told me there was another mishap with our phone... apparently, there was an early morning phone call that stuart didn't want to take (sorry Kawika) so Stuart picked up the phone, pushed the silence button, and put back on top of the dresser... as soon as Stuart let go of the phone, he realized that he was holding it right above his cup of water. Thats right... phone + cup of water = a phone that doesn't work. I laughed at him, took the phone, opened it up and stuck it and the battery back in the toaster oven for another 20 minutes! Now I'm not saying I want this to be a Bi-weekly occurance, but it is nice to know that it will work even twice in one week!


Vogels said...

hahah wow that cracks me up!! that's pretty amazing

Erika said...

Too funny. You guys crack me up.
Thanks for the chuckle :-)

Michal said...

oh, stuart! that's handy, info, though, i must say. glad you didn't have to buy a new phone--twice.

Scrappy said...

That is pretty amazing. El Guapo had an old ipod that stopped working but he kept it around for months anyway. One day he decided to look online for a way to fix it. Someone said to hold it facing him and hit it on his left hand 6 times. It has been working since. Crazy!

Okay, so I just thought it had been a while since you posted or something. I don't know if I accidentally deleted your blog of my reader or what (I did downsize recently), but I am back (not that you would notice that I was gone since I rarely comment, sorry) and I will have to catch up. :)

Nana said...

oh, Malia. I don't know how you live with my son! I am always reminded how lucky he was to find you.
(a union this perfect, I always reserve some credit for his grandmothers on the other side.)

tutu lady said...

Good job!

I always enjoy Nana's coments. (Michal's too)

Mahina said...

wow! never knew about that! i wonder if that would have worked to save our canon digital elph way back when i washed mitch's shorts with the camera in its pocket??! oh well, too late to give that one a try! it sure would have been nice, though!

Cierra said...

hahaha! i can't believe you can bake a cell phone without totally destroying/melting it! but i guess you had nothing to lose, right? :)

Seth and Lacey said...

wow thats awesome! Thats good to know--I've destroyed my share of cell phones by dropping it in water. (I.e. Baloo's water dish--I know, disgusting).