Friday, January 9, 2009

The Girffith Park Observatory

Like I promised...

So we took a nice drive out to the Observatory in 2 vans. Our van had Evan, the Ferkins, Stuart and I in it and the other van had Michal's Family and Mom in it. Michal's van had to run to costco first so we got split up and drove through the park ahead of them. We found our way up to the observatory but were driving in a line of cars up to the little parking lot at the top. There were so many people going up there that we had decided that we probably wouldn't get a spot and would just go home. as luck would have it, a car right in front of us pulled out so we grabbed the spot and walked a little way up the rest of the hill.

We were playing on the lawn out front for a while waiting for the rest of our group. Then I started to play Photographer. We actually never even went inside and the above picture is the only one of the actual observatory.

I made Stuart be my model... then actually let him take some shots of me... there haven't been any of those lately!

*On a side note... I never have pictures of me so I didn't notice how many freckles I have until I was editing these photos! .... I have a ton of freckles!

Isaac, Flint and Alli.

Evan got this shot of Stuart and I! The sunset was beautiful!

Here Stuart was playing with the camera.

Here's the view of the Hollywood Sign from where we were. pretty cool. I'd never been that close to it.

Here's Evan with his cool camera! and cool where's waldo Sweater!

Like I said... a beautiful sunset! Look at that sky!!!

Unfortunately the other van was turned away and never made it up the hill. I never made it inside to see what the observatory was all about... I was just having too much fun taking photos... the light was beautiful up there! However... I was freezing! My fingers were all frozen and I couldn't just keep em in my pockets cuz I wanted to shoot! It was a different experience shooting in the cold for me!


Erika said...

Ha! I was totally going to say something about Evan's "Where's Waldo?" sweatshirt but you beat me to it :-)

Cute pics!

Mahina said...

that is the longest i've seen stuart's hair! looks good!

kawena just walked up to the computer and pointed at the picture of malia and shouted, "it's you!" i told her it was auntie malia and then i scrolled down further to the other picture of malia and she shouted while pointing, "it's you!" isn't that funny!

Larry said...

I love these! That one of you and Stu that Evan took is cool. Is Evan rockin' a medium format?

Michal said...

i love your freckles.

tutu lady said...

Me too! Some nice shots. Thanks for sharing. Just keep clicking away. You're awesome.

ashley said...

i am obsessed with freckles, i want to get some tatooed on. can i have some of yours?
great pictures!

Dan Kettle said...

Awesome sunset picture malia. I saw stu modeling for ralph lauren the other day. you have made him big ha nah but you've inspired me and i just got a new camera. Stoked

Becky Ryan and Oliver said...

Oh I love Stu's hair like that, it looks darling. You guys are great, we wish we could have seen you!