Saturday, September 20, 2008

"Show me with your face how excited you are"

My "sister" is coming home! She's probably making the decent into Honolulu as I type! After a year and a half absence from the island (well, a little more than that) she's making her way back home! Jana has finished her mission in Nauvoo IL and is moving back. I can't wait to have my surfing buddy back! She and Audrey and I were crazy surf addicts the year after I graduated. We would all surf together at least once a day if not more! We may have been a little naive and crazy when it came to surfing but we had fun the whole time.... and we made it out alive and all in one piece. Some boards may not have been so lucky... I think Audrey had a couple broken boards (then she converted to Short Boarding and hasn't really broken a board since) .

Today Audrey came out and we had an epic morning surf session together just like old times.... just minus Jana so we can't wait to all get together! We were able to reminisce about the good old days and are excited to make some more crazy hilarious memories together!

Welcome home Jana Jones!!!


Mahina said...

i'm so excited for you! what a great time you will have!

tutu lady said...

Please tell Jana, "Welcome Home" I want to hear all about your mission. Maybe you can both relearn to surf again, together.

Michal said...

aren't friends like that amazing? i'm so glad that you'll get some time to be together again.