Friday, September 5, 2008

Have you missed me?

I haven't posted anything since I got back from my trip to Oregon... so I was just wondering if you missed me? I'm terribly sorry if you have been checking in and there hasn't been anything new for you to see.

My Oregon trip was tons of fun and it was so good to spend time with Mahina and mitch and the girls. And I was so glad that Kawika was able to come up for a few days too! Mahina made sure we had fun and exciting things to do while both Kawika and I were there.

In the space of 2 days we went River Rafting:

Wake boarding/wake surfing? (I don't know what the actual term is for surfing the wake of a boat):

[kawika wakeboarding[8].jpg]

[mahina skurfing[7].jpg]

[malia skurfing[9].jpg]

And Rock climbing:

[mitch climb[3].jpg]

[kawika descent[4].jpg]

[malia climb[3].jpg]

It was such a great trip! But it's wonderful to be back home! Since getting home I've been able to get back in the ocean and surf a couple times and yesterday I went to Waimea Bay with Auntie Susan for an evening swim! It was so beautiful but since we were there for exercise I don't have any pictures for you... The water was absolutely perfect! Its been pretty warm here and the water was so refreshing and clear! Swimming back and forth from one end to the other I was able to enjoy the water and swim through schools of these little silver fish.... they were thousands of them and its so cool to see them all swimming together and changing directions all at once! Every once in a while I would see them jumping out of the water all together continuously (there had to be a bigger fish after them) and it looked and sounded so cool!
I also did some rock running, where you find a rock heavy enough to hold you to the bottom, pick it up and run as far and as long as you can hold your breath along the ocean floor. Good training for the lungs something I need to work on!

Anyway... its good to be home! Plus I kinda sorta missed this guy:


Mahina said...

those were fun times weren't they? i am so glad that you guys enjoyed, and survived, the action packed 2 days! i know we all were a bit sore, but it was so worth it! i am so glad that beeks made it too!

i loved being able to spend 6 kidless days with my hubby, too! we needed that and the girls LOVED being with you!

kawena still picks things up with her toes which i think is so cute! thanks for showing her that little trick!

we know you missed your hubby and he missed your "cuteness" (*ugh*), but we kinda sorta miss you now, A LOT!!

Mahina said...

hey, how did you get the proofs on your blog? when i tried to copy them, a box poped up saying i would go to prison if i copied the picture. so i opted not to go to jail!

how did you avid the slammer?

Mahina said...

thanks for stealing pictures from my blog and NOT commenting! i am very sad that you didn't at least leave me a comment, especially since you stole my pictures!! 8-(


ashley said...

good to have you back... you missed some even better castles the next day (ha ha), but i did have a better board and it was way more fun. seriously, as funky as castles is, it is fun to just get wet when there is not much happening any where else. and it was good to see you in the water!

Malia said...

Mahina... I got those pictures in my email box so I never saw that prison threat.... That makes me innocent... right? Someone sent them to me and I'm not naming names. oh and about the comment... you can check for comments now cuz I left 2!

tutu lady said...

Nice chronicle of your activities. Sorry I missed it. to bad we didn't plan ahead and had you come down here for a few days before you went back to the islands

jen said...

you are amazing! your photo blog really impressive!

The Foy Family said...

Yes, I missed you! I love seeing your photos, and these were amazing! =) Looks like you had a blast in Oregon!

Nana said...

I don't know, Stu. Guitar playing looks pretty wimpy compared to this family's idea of a good time. Are you keeping up?

Erin and James said...

the pics are faublous and it looks like you had a blast! i am jealous, i miss doing those activities!

Michal said...

stu, do you ever wear a shirt?:)

looks like lots of fun. no wonder you aren't having a hard time getting in your 90 minutes of exercise a day.

Dan Kettle said...

Good times malia. Looks like a blast. I hope stu wasn't too bored at home with no surf. ha ha Miss you guys but might be seeing you soon