Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Oh the Memories!!!

Mahina did a "Memories" post so I thought I would do one too. anyway, this is how the game works...

as a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and i had together. it doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember! next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. it's actually pretty funny to see the responses. if you leave a memory about me, i'll assume you're playing the game and i'll come to your blog and leave one about you.

so, come along with me and take a walk down memory lane... let's see where it takes us!


Michal said...

i did this after i saw it on mahina's blog, but only three or four people left memories for me (sniff).:)
i wish that i had more memories of you, seeing as how you're my sil and all. we just have seen too little of each other. but i love the memory of you at the end of your wedding reception when you slipped on your "future mrs. jxxx" hoodie over your wedding dress with the "future" crossed off. it was just adorable and said so much about your playful and relaxed personality. i am so glad that you are married to stuart. you guys are so perfect for each other and so happy together.
ps--it's not too late to leave a memory comment on my blog:)

Mahina said...

being your sister i have way too many memories, so i can't pick just one! sorry!

haha! just kidding! i would have to say one of the memories that comes to mind is the night that we were giving each other back rubs. you went first and gave me a great back rub. then it was my turn to give you one, but it didn't last very long because you were so ticklish! you kept laughing so i'd stop, but then you'd say "keep going!" like i said, it didn't last very long you couldn't handle it! it was a great trade for me!! haha!

and, of course, i always remember the very late nights when we are talking about stuff that really isn't that funny, but we end up in tears laughing so hard because we are just so stinkin' tired and should be asleep, but don't want to go to sleep because we are having fun just staying up talking!

i also loved shopping with you for "fun stuff" the week you got married! i'll stop there because this is a g-rated blog! haha!

i could go on and on, but i will just leave it at that! love you!

The Foy Family said...

Oh wow! How could I ever pick one, or even 50! =)
I always loved our drives, and "Drive By's", we had A LOT of great times on those!! We ended up at some really random places, had some great talks, made some missionary tapes, had to hide on some of the "drive bys", and I think that is were we came up with some of our best plots! =) Oh, and there was always the times when we were in the middle of something good and..."Oh, I love this song!!" (turning up the radio) =)...and then on another drive where we ended up at KFC for like 3 hours! "Well was it an AAAA or a BBBB", "wait....which one is better again?!?", haha! Then there was the 'Right, Left or Straight' game and trying to get lost in Spy Glass Hill. =) And sooooo much more!! We had some great time while driving!! Rocking out to *Nsync and other great songs on the way to dances....
Ok i'll stop now! =) I LOVE YOU!!!! And I am so glad we have sooooooo many great and fun memories for the past like 18+ years!! =)

scrap chair potato said...

Since I have never met you we don't share any memories. But, the first time I ever saw a picture of you I not only noticed that you were beautiful, but that you looked like you were such a nice, happy person. Through reading this blog, and from things I hear about you from Stu's family I have learned that you are an awesome person, and I wish I really did know you. :)

The Traylor's said...

I just remember seeing you at all the stake activities. I always thought you were so beautiful and was too shy to try to make friends with you. It's nice to see you're doing well!

-Alexandra (kimmel)