Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bubbly Toes

So I've completed the first step in number 37! now I just have to see if i'll be able to follow through with step 2!

Unpainted toes are so boring...

I love it when my toes are painted! it makes me feel so much prettier... is that weird? I guess I dont feel prettier but my feet look so much cuter! Ever since last summer I always paint my toenails the same color... purple with sparkles! I know what youre thinking... "what, are you 12 years old?" Think what you like but I still love sparkly purple toenails!


Stuart said...

i love this post and I love you

ashley said...

ha ha i have blue with sparkles right now and i feel like a smirf! but i agree with the need to have painted toes make the toes look oh so much better!

Michal said...

i love stu's comment. what a sweet husband.

i love having painted toenails, even though half the time mine need to be touched up. badly.

i'm a fan of reds, mauves, and pinks. but i'm okay with it if you are a purple sparkly girl. their YOUR toenails, after all!:)

wish you guys could be at the family reunion this weekend. we'll miss you.

Mahina said...

hey look what we started last year in colorado! you are truly hooked! we can't find our purple paint, maybe we left it is the fifth wheel!

cute toes!