Tuesday, July 22, 2008


So we took the superferry to Maui this last week for our vacation away from Oahu. Since you can take anything that fits in your car we decided to bring a bunch of toys. This is our truck AKA "tank" the night before we boarded the ferry. Under the car cover there is a moped, surfboard, 14ft zodiac and mounted on the tailgate is the 40 hp boat engine. when the cover was off the stuff it looked like tank was amphibious ready to take on the channel to Maui on his own. We are both very proud that tank made the entire trip with out complaining ( breaking down ) about all the excess weight he was lugging around.

This is the wake behind the ferry with the Waianae mountains (west oahu) fading in the distance. The ferry can reach speeds over 60mph. it felt super fast for such a massive ship.
Honolulu town, oahu.
this is the view from the house we stayed at in KIHEI , Maui. So while we were in Maui, there was a small craft advisory becasue of a low pressure system stirring up 50 MPH winds. We went on a lot of hikes on the south side to escape the east wind. After one particular hike through about two miles of lava fields Malia And I were ready to head back to the car. just as we were about to head back one of the guys in our group found a hidden tide pool. we cruised around the little pool that was being feed by sloshing waves up the cliff. shell fish cling to the black rock and sharp sea urchins were spread through out the bottom of the blue pool. Malia took a small stone and gently broke off one of the shell fish (opihi) ripped out the meat, cleaned off the poo and at it!!! she was all smiles as she devoured the local delicacy. We also got free scuba lessons from our new friend Paul Javier,(freelance Photographer/realator/scuba instructor) he said we were both naturals.
The cutest assistant coach alive...
So she looks a bit tired but that because she played entire games with out subbing. I'm so proud of my athlete wife.


Michal said...

malia, you are one tough cookie. and stuart obviously is so proud of you. looks like you had lots of fun on your trip.

The Gancinia Ohana said...

Hey Stu and Malia!
I'm glad I found you guys on here!It looks like you guys had fun in Maui!

tutu lady said...

Nice post, Stuart. Good pictures too. Still #13! Yes! Wish I was there to see it all. I've never seen you play Stuart. Are you as good as Malia?