Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Gavan!!!

Today is my big brother's Birthday! Gavan I hope its the best ever! I hope you got to go surf and got barreled like crazy! Here's a picture of Gavan... isn't he cool?!

Gavan's a big kid and so fun! He may have given me my first experience surfing... we were in the water when a wave came and he said "just duck under and i'll hold the board" next thing i felt was the board smacking me in the head! I can laugh now but I don't think I thought it was very funny at the time! I don't remember any more of that surf session... but i'm sure it was fun!

Gavan is always calling me on his way home from work! I love that I get to talk to him every once in a while because he gets off work kinda late and has an hour drive home. And since we are 3 hours behind... he knows I won't ever be asleep when he calls!

And of course one of my favorite memories of Gavan is when he would babysit Kawika and I and we would have our wrestling/pillowfights in mom and dads room! Kawika was Mad-Man Beek, I was Meekies-Eekies-Lie-Lie (I don't know where Gavan came up with that?!) and Gavan was Andre the Giant! We had so much fun!

And here's a picture of me and Gavan almost a year ago. Love you Big Bro!


tutu lady said...

Nice tribute, Malia. That's a good picture of Gavan with the surf board. Happy B-day Gavan and Happy evening to you and Stuart. Love ya'll

Mahina said...

aww, he is cute! cute teddy bear! happy birthday gavan!