Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hip Hip Hooray!!!!

I am now the proud card holder of a Hawaii State Public Library System Card! This afternoon I decided it was about time I make my way over to Kahuku High School and find where the joint school and public library is located. I'm slowly getting into photography more and more and thought the library would be a great source in learning what I need to know. I ventured into the library where I was happy to see that dear Auntie Susan was working today (Auntie Susan is Matt's mom... Matt is our good friend)! She was able to get me set up with my Library Card and showed me where I could look for different things. I spent some time looking through the books they have on Photography (the selection is very small) picked out a few and was on my way. Since the Kahuku Library is pretty small I cam home, flipped through one of my books and then got online to see what else I could find in all of the other State Libraries.... I've added them to my own little list and will request them in a few days so they will be sent to the library over here! I'm very excited about this! I was originally looking for "Understanding Exposure" which wasn't at Kahuku, but I found it somewhere else. I now have a list of about 40 books that I'll have to go through and see which ones I want to request first!

Ok, I said that I am slowly getting into photography but actually... we've been saving for an SLR camera for some time and will be getting it soon!!! I can hardly wait! So I'm kind of just jumping right into it and thought I should read up on some things before we get the camera!


Michal said...

i think that we are going to be the only ones in the family without an slr camera. sniff sniff.
love the library. kimball and i just went today and got so many books that the librarian told us we had exceeded the limit (which is 50, apparently.) oops. my kids and i just eat up books and go at least once a month and get as many books as we can carry. i know that we should just go more often and get fewer books, but it's not always easy moving this crowd!:)
hope you get your camera soon.

tutu lady said...

Congrats on getting closer to the prize. Can't wait to see the great Tropical pictures you'll take in Hawaii.

While you're at this getting organized stage, I have a ? I know this is off subject but, Have you applied for a passport yet? You'd better get started. It takes quite a while now that we all need one to cross into Mexico and Canada.

Happy pictures.

Erika said...

You should call Maggie...she's the resident expert in photography around these parts

Allison said...

We got an SLR right after Isaac was born and I LOVE it. I am afraid that I am still in the point and shoot stage, so I would love some more book recomendatations once you find some favorites.

Mahina said...

yipee! i am so glad you found that book! you'll really like it! i am only about halfway through, but i like the hands on "homework" he gives. let me know what others are on your list and i will let you know if any of them are worth it!