Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Birth/Valentines day Malia...

Happy valentines day and
Happy Birthday Malia!!!!!!
its was a magical 5 days while Malia And I we're both 24 but just like surfing a good wave, there comes a time when the fun must subside...I guess now we have to go back to a life where I am always a year younger... anyways...

heres a list of 25 things I love about my wife...
...Cuz she's 25

1-shes way super creative, she made a calender for my birthday while we were dating and it was so amazing that I knew at that point that she was a super keeper.
2-amazing cook...she can do many wonderful dishes but she just mastered Pancit, a dish that her dad taught her. sooo yummy
3-shes a great singer
4-she likes "guy' movies along with chick flicks
5-she gives everything cool names....ex, our trucks name is tank, all the gecko's in our apartment we call Pacheco.( she doesn't name the cockroaches, no need to personify something your gonna smash)
6-shes my surfing buddy. other married guys here don't have very understanding wives when it comes to dropping everything to catch the latest unexpected swell. The only way I would be in the dog house for surfing is if I didn't take Malia with me. she loves it.
7-shes an amazing photographer-with our underwater camera she is fearless!!! shell swim out to deep ocean or into pounding surf just to get some good shots of our friends and I.
8-she has cool style. she can wear a guys shirt and my big basketball shorts and look really good. she looks like a gangster in those shorts, its funny.
9-she has the most beautiful hair!!!! I remember in our dating days when we would hang out after surfing and watch how after roughing her hair up in a towel to dry she would just let it go...once its was dry it was as if it was ready for her wedding day...I was ready at least...
10-she does handstands super pretty cuz she was a state champ gymnast when she was 11...
11-her smile...Have you ever seen her smile? beautiful
12-we bought tickets to the kokua festival. I love that. I love that she loves that.
13-her favorite number is 13. that translates to hot
14-shes good friends with my best guy friend Matt Ortiz and we can all hang together. (Matt is a super talented artist check out his stuff at, search he's gonna be famous some day.
15-she likes silly humor like flight of the concords and the office.
16-she has great relationships with all her brothers and sister, and her mom and dad.
17-she loves our little black truck that never needs a exterior wash.
18-I love how she cant go to sleep with out me reading her to sleep that way we read a lot more than we ever would!!!
19-I love that she wants to stay in the islands forever. so do I.
20-I love that she played waterpolo all the way through college. I played too and I think the average girl thinks waterpolo is a bit queer. I'm so lucky she understands the game that I love. starting last Monday she is coaching the Kahuku High school girls waterpolo team. Go Red Raiders.
21-she doesn't flip out about stuff. for example, we lost thousands of dollars when the company we worked for this summer went bankrupt before paying us. From day one of the news that we were not getting paid she was optimistic. our life is good. minus a little cash, our life is still really good
22-she is the sweetest person i know.
23-she takes care of organizing money stuff.
24-shes super thrifty and never surprises me with big purchases
25-I love that she loves me back.


The Price Family said...

Happy Birthday. . . 25 is an awesome age!!! We love you

Andie Foy said...

What a cute post!! =) Happy Birthday my amazing friend!! =) ....And happy LOVE day to the both of you! Hope you have a great day!! ....Brody and I watched a thing on the Islands today and Turtle Bay, and we are itching to go back! When we have the funds, we'll be right over! =) Love you guys!

Bridget said...

Happy birthday Malia! That was a sweet post.

tutu lady said...

I'm convinced that it's a very Happy Birthday and a great Valentines day too, with an appreciative husband like Stuart. (BIG points for that post!!!!) Lots of love to you both, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH to you both.

Rhonda said...

Happy Birthday Malia. I might have known Stuart would find treasure on the beach.

Mahina said...

happy birthday to both of you! you guys are so sweet together! what a great post stuart! malia is a super lovable person!!

Erika said...

Yay for love.
Stu, you're so sweet.
Malia, happy birthday!

Allison said...

You two are a perfect match!

Happy Birthday Malia! Enjoy 25, it's my favorite number, and was my favorite age. :)

Becky Ryan & Oliver said...

What cute things to say about your love! You guys are so cute, and happy birthday Malia!!!

Michal said...

so i just realized that you guys weren't on my google reader for some reason. i kept wondering why you weren't posting anything, especially with birthdays and all . . . turns out that i'm just a ding dong.
malia, what a great wife you are to stuart! we love you.