Saturday, February 23, 2008


I've been tagged by Andie so here we go:

Five things on my To Do List:

  • Clean our Apartment
  • Look online for Camera stuff / go check out the one I found
  • Finish application for Hale Mom&Dad (Thats the head RA in the dorms on campus here)
  • Get everything together to do/get our taxes done
  • My visiting teaching.... i know i know, its that last week in the month
  • Go to the beach (I know thats six but its on there)
Five jobs I've held
  • Server at Bubba Gump Shrimp company.... YUM!
  • Lucky Brand... one time, I sold jeans to Mark Maguire
  • Fannies Frozen Yogurt (I was in heaven there!)
  • Summer Coach for CDM Girls Water Polo... they're playing in the CIF finals today!
  • Now Coaching Kahuku Girls Water Polo... season just started over here and theyre lookin good!
Five Places I've Lived:
  • Corona del Mar, CA
  • Newport Beach, CA
  • Honolulu, HI (Town)
  • Albuquerque, NM (Last summer... don't miss that place)
  • Laie, HI (Country)
Five things I would do if I were a BILLIONAIRE:
  • Buy/build a house on the north shore... either right on the beach at Gas Chambers or up in Pupukea Hills.
  • Get a passport and fill it up.... first stop: Fiji... maybe make it an endless summer surf trip.
  • Fly our family out for a nice big visit.... and of course they would be able to stay at our new house.... a few would be able to sleep inside and others who don't fit inside would have to camp in our BIG yard under the stars, maybe we would have a rotation schedule so everyone would get to enjoy sleeping under the stars!
  • Get my camera... lenses... and all sorts of photography goodies, and take the NYIP online class.
  • Save for a sunny day
Five things I miss right now:
  • My Health: Right now I have a nasty cold, just started last night.... Don't worry Dad, I'm sippin on that magical lemonade right now!
  • My sleep.... I couldnt fall asleep last night and then when I finally did it wasn't for very long (reason: see above) then I got up to make the lemonade at 3:30 am, watched part of The Notebook while drinking previously mentioned lemonade, went back to bed where stuart tried to read me to sleep again (that usually works like a charm but didnt last night, either time) drifted in and out of a fitful sleep until about 9 am when Stuart left for a service project then I finally fell asleep... until the phone rang in my ear at 10:15... sigh yes I definitely miss my sleep right now.
  • My family... we should really have a combined Tarayao/Johnson family fun trip in hawaii... what do you guys think?
  • Dad's yummy yummy food
  • Being in REALLY good shape... but I can work on that.
Five things most people don't know about me:
  • When I was little, I wanted to BE Shamu when I grew up.... how does that work??? Looking back I translate that to being more like I wanted to work with whales and dolphins... what do you think? was something wrong with me?
  • I like to sew... but I have to create, I CANNOT follow a pattern to save my life... ok thats not true, sometimes I can follow patterns but they just really really frustrate me.
  • I cannot swallow pills with just water... I have to chew up some food like a cracker or bread and through them into my mouth just before I swallow the food. If anyone else has that problem or have children with that problem... try that... it works like a charm.
  • Since being married over a year and a half ago I can count on my hands how many times I've worn make up.
  • I have a passion for photography and eventually want to make it my profession... so look for it in the future!

Five things I Love:
  • Stuart
  • Photography
  • Surfing
  • Family
  • Food
  • Ice cream
  • Sleeping
  • Sunny Days
  • Cool Nights
  • Hot apple cider
  • The movie Elf
  • British Bulldogs
  • Baby Hippos
  • Piggies
  • Massages
  • comments on my blog
  • A good love story (I've been reading this one... its great!)
  • Sushi
  • Memory Foam
  • Stars
  • Shooting Stars
  • Rainbows
  • Tropical Flowers
  • Being Married to my Best Friend!
oops.... did I say 5? oh well.

I tag Mahina!


scrap chair potato said...

When you become a billionaire photographer can I come visit you in your big house?
This was a fun list! I will have to remember your pill trick when my kids get a little older--I had the hardest time learning how to take pills.

Michal said...

i love that you said "save for a sunny day" instead of a rainy one. you have such a positive, upbeat attitude, girl!
thanks for sharing. that was a great post.

Allison said...

Fun list! I'm excited to come and see your little place on (or at least a short walking distance from) the beach.

Erika said...

This was my favorite "Tag" to read. I hope you become a billionaire and can fly us out to visit you :-)

Andie Foy said...

too cute! I love how you went on at the end! I felt like doing that! =) .....I NEED to call you soon!!! Love you!! And I miss you!! I miss our drives and such! Well hope you have a great night and say a big hello to Stuart for us! =) xoxox

tutu lady said...

I vote for a combined Family Hawaiian get together! Do we have to wait for the Big house?

Becky Ryan & Oliver said...

First off I LOVE that Stu reads you to bed every night, that might be even too cute. And secondly, I love that you don't wear makeup cause guess what, you don't need it. You live in wonderful Hawaii where beautiful skin flows like a river, plus you have a sweet tan! And you're beautiful!!!

tutu lady said...

I can't believe, you got me started on a "good Love story"! But, here I am reading it. Where did you ever find this? I'm hooked.