Friday, February 1, 2008

Big Brothers and Sisters!

BBS is a program that organizes and sets up visiting Japanese students with University or University aged people to be their chaperon/tour guide for the day. My first day of doing this was on Tuesday and I had a blast! These are High Schools that take trips over to Hawaii where they are able to use their english skills in everyday circumstances. They are able to order food, make purchases at stores, and ride the bus... riding the bus I think they probably need help with that and dont do that on their own. Its a pretty sweet deal... they have a school trip and its mostly shopping that they do... I have shopped more in the past 3 days than in the past year it seems like! (I wasn't spending.... just along for the ride) Tuesday was my first day and i'll admit, I was a bit nervous since I'd never done it before... that didnt last very long, we had a blast! we went into waikiki had lunch (wehere we were able to sit down and talk story) and walked around going into the shops. we also got to go to the aquarium! These girls were so sweet and i'm glad they were my first group! Arent they cute!!!

Here are some of the pretty fish we saw!

The shark! Cool huh? Looks fierce... but this is cool because even though it looks scary, this is one that is often seen but they dont bother people... and by bother I mean bite (being bit by a shark would be such a bother dont you think?)

Today was a little different, it was broken into 2 parts so I had 2 different groups and they were boys! I didnt know how that would go but they were so much fun! And so polite and respectful and helpful with one another! Here we are in waikiki where we were shopping before going to the aquarium (again for me=) and lunch!

After a short break, I picked up another group of boys from the same school, our itinerary included more shopping (of course) and a visit to aloha towers! We took the bus from Waikiki into downtown honolulu and went over to Aloha Towers where there was guess what??? More Shopping! and we went to the top of the tower and were able to look out over downtown and into waikiki, we were also able to see the airport and the general area of Pearl Harbor. Fortunately for us, the rain had cleared for a bit and it was beautiful when we were up at the top!

It was a very long day for everyone so we headed back into Waikiki with an hour left before needing to get back to their hotel, I offered that we could go sit on the beach and relax and play games which I was looking forward to and they seemed to like the idea as well.... On the bus ride back, a few of the boys took the opportunity to catch a few zzzzz's I guess that gave them the energy they needed for one more round of shopping so we continued to walk the strip one more time. Needless to say I am tired! But it was well worth it! I had a great time and so did the boys! This is a fun little part time job that I'm grateful I had the opportunity to do!

Not only that, but on the walk back to Tank, me and the girls I was driving home were able to stop and enjoy this:

I love my home!

ps.... i'm back! I finished my project, i'll post about it later, hopefully tomorrow! Thanks for bearing with me!


Rhonda said...

Malia - I am a bad mom. I totally spaced on those pictures of Stu. I hope you found the DVD Alli gave you for Christmas.
By the way, I think the Japanese teach themselves to sleep when on any road trip. We used to try to take our students on trips to see the country, and they always just went to sleep. (I noticed lots of people sleeping on public transportation in Japan, also) Have them teach you some children's songs. Stu might remember a couple from his childhood. One was about an elephant and one about friends under a chestnut tree.

Mahina said...

i agree, that would definitely be a bother!

i love your red shirt with the white polka-dots! so cute, is it new?

i am so glad that you are having so much fun with these kids! i can imagine this would be a great "job" for you because you are great with people!! enjoy it while it lasts!

Malia said...

mom dont worry about it! I used pictures from Alli's DVD and it turned out great! Thanks! I'll have to learn some childrens songs from the students!

Mahina, its not new but I love it! My only concern is that people may think i'm pregnant (i'm not) but whatever thats ok!

tutu lady said...

Good job! How did you get that. It's right up your alley. Is it only a short term thing?

I checked out your project. Wow, It's very good! Actually Great!

Becky Ryan & Oliver said...

I totally wanted to do that while I was there, my roomate always did and had so much fun, and you can make pretty good money. Love the sunset!

Andie Foy said...

ok how can we check out this project! Enough with the secrets!! =)

And your new job looks really fun! What a neat experience for you---and them to hang out with you! ;)...Hope you are doing great! Love you!!

Michal said...

what a beautiful spot in the world you live in! i'm so jealous.
that looks like a great job and one that you are very good at, i'm sure.
i'm with mahina. i love the red and white top.

Evan said...


Its stu's birthday and i dont have his phone number... i was going to get all of my friends to send him birthday wishes, but as it turns out... i cant even send him birthday wishes!!!! you can just text it to me when you can. If i dont get it in time... HAPPY BIRTHDAY STU!!!!!!

Michal said...

we are trying to call stu to wish him happy birthday and no one seems to have his new phone number. is he trying to hide from his family? call me with it if you have it.

Martin said...

Tell stu happy birthday - I will try to call as well.

Erin and James said...

I'm glad you found our blog! what a great job you have and yes I believe we have 24 burned from friends. james was up till 5am watching it!