Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Stuart

24 years ago today, Stuart was born into the Johnson Family of Whittier California. He was welcomed into the world by loving parents Kim and Rhonda, sisters Michal and Alli, and the tough lovin of brothers Martin Tyler and Evan. I am so grateful for all of the great influences in Stuarts life that molded him into my one true love!

24 Things I Love about Stuart
  • His love of life
  • He is so musically talented
  • He is an amazing teacher
  • His love for island people and culture
  • His crystal blue eyes
  • He reads me to sleep
  • He loves the ocean
  • We get to surf together
  • He makes delicious pizzas
  • We get to play volleyball together
  • He is very supportive
  • We get to play water polo together
  • He is silly
  • We get to be the same age for 5 days every year
  • We can be kids together
  • He would rather me be out surfing with him than at home with dinner ready and waiting when he gets home
  • He comes home from work or school and tells me he missed me
  • He loves the gospel
  • He humors me and says someday I can have a pet piggy
  • He's serious and says someday we can have a puppy
  • He loves his family
  • His sense of fashion... its very simple
  • He's okay with the fact that his wife isn't the best at cleaning, doing dishes, or doing the laundry
  • He is my Best Friend
Happy 24th Birthday Stuart!

I Love you!!!


Tyler said...

Happy Birthday little bro. Hope its a good one and it doesnt rain too much. Dont forget all that tough love made you better (especially the kind that got divvied out while mom was gone or out of ear shot).....hey this blog needs some lifehouse.

love you guys

Mahina said...

happy birthday stuart! what a sweet wife you have! you guys were made for each other!

great post malia!

Allison said...

Happy Birthday Stu!

Great post Malia. I'm so glad Stu found someone like you.

I can't wait to come and visit.

tutu lady said...

Owwwww, You 2 are so cute together. And together you can conqure the world. Have a wonderful Birthday month for both of you.

Erika said...

Happy Birthday Stu!!!
We love you!!!

Martin said...

Stuart is 24!!!!
Happy Birthday baby bro!!!!
(the extra exclaimation marks are a tribute to Stu's letters home during his mission)

We miss having you guys around, come back to the mainland soon.

ps stu called the guitar Ling Ling when he was a baby - actually he called lots of stuff Ling Ling.
That might be a cute name for a pet pig.

ashley said...

hi again guys, it's lukes wife ashley. i just re-found you blog off of mahina's and i just made a connection when i read this post about stuart- he used to come hang out at my house (animal house) with his bro evan, and aaron and ryan before his mission. when we saw you guys before christmas break i sort of thought thats who stuart was but was not sure and this just jogged my memory. so, happy birthday!
and we do need to get together sometime and go play at the beach! i am not sure if i still have you number but mine is 203-7177

Becky Ryan & Oliver said...

Happy Birthday Stu from the Facer's! I LOVE that picture, it is totally Stu, so happy and fun.

Don said...

Happy Birthday, Stuart, and thanks to both of you for doing this blog.

I'm passing along a "You Make My Day" blog award. Thanks again.

scrap chair potato said...

Happy belated birthday Stu!!
I hope you had a great one!

Barbara Tarayao said...

That has got be the most romatic blog ever! You guys are sooo perfect for each other- Lucky!!! Love you guys! Happy be-lated!!!!