Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fun in the Surf and Sun!!!

So Like I said... our camera is back!!! Here are some of the pictures we took on its first day back! We were so excited to get our camera back and sooo ready to take it out! We piled in the car with our friends/neighbors Brett Karen and Scottie and headed for the north shore. Stuart and I are sharing a board right now so its kinda fun because we just switch off every couple of waves whos surfing and who gets to play photographer! Stuart, being the gentleman that he is let me go first and this is what he was able to capture:

my first wave of the day

Sorry about the blurry dot....

My face looks pretty funny in this one... its ok you can laugh.

This wave was actually really fun and I kept going and going... Stuart and I were pretty close ont his one so he only got the first part of it...

Here's Stuarts first wave... it was pretty good

It even looks like he might get barrelled!

Too bad my fat finger gets right in the way of it! In my defense I was about to get worked by the wave.... i'm still learning

but it would have been a pretty sweet shot!

Here's our friend Brett... I know its REALLY far away but you can see what a pretty day it was and how nice the waves were...

You can also see his turn... pretty cool if you ask me!

Another one of Stuarts waves!

It was such a beautiful day! We all had so much fun and are so happy we could capture it on camera! About a 1/2 hour after this was taken the sky and sunset looked AMAZING... unfortunately we had been out about 4 1/2 - 5 hours already and the battery died. But at least I was able to get this shot!

Wish you were here! Aloha!


tutu lady said...

Nice, awesome! I'm glad to see more pictures with your new camera.
Aren't you so sad, to be stuck there doing more of the same at Christmastime, when you could be here with us in the cold, maybe rainy Cal. surf wearing a wetsuit?

Mrs.Foy said...

Some beautiful photos! What fun you guys have surfing! Glad to see that the camara is back and doing well. =)
And from your mom's comment it sounds like you guys are not coming home for this true??? Let me know! I was looking forward to seeing you guys! But then I guess that means we should work on coming there sometime! =) Love ya!!

Mahina said...

glad you have the camera back! okay, so that face is awesome! i clicked on the photo so i could see it close up! i love it!! you surf some big waves! you go girl!

Malia said...

yes mom... very sad we can't be there for the cold surfing for christmas... NOT... but we will miss you guys!

Andie yes its true... we won't be able to make it back this year but that sounds like a great idea... you guys coming out here for a visit!

Mahina I'm so glad you like the close up view of my funny face! hahah I bet youre face would look funny to in that situation =) hehe Love you all!~