Thursday, October 11, 2007

Birthdays Birthdays Birthdays!!!

Lala this one's for you! I hope you have the Best Birthday Ever!

Lala you make the world such a funfilled place! You are so funny and sweet and animated and smart and quick thinking and you make people laugh! You bring so much joy to all of your family and friends and everyone you meet.... even people you don't meet but hear your stories or see pictures or watch videos.... they love you!

This video is my Favorite! not only is the song so great.... but the ending lines crack me up everytime i watch it!
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Sorry I couldnt figure out why two showed up and I couldnt fix it either....

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.... here's about a million words! Just some of my favorite pictures of Lala

such a beautiful baby...

And oh so happy!!!

How cute you are all bundled up!

Nice Hair! I love this one!

Sweet Lala with Tutu Man

Ummm.... I think your fingers are supposed to go where your knees are? I'm no expert or anything though....

From our road trip to the Family Reunion

Look how pretty you are!

You even got SpiderMan to be youre date!

Yummy! I loved how much time I got to spend with you during my stay in oregon!

You and Nani are so cute with your matching dresses!

Don't you forget how talented your Mom is! For Making you both two dresses for that special occasion! Mahina You Amaze me!

The trip to Colorado was great!
We had so much fun at the Bar-D

You were so brave on the Boat! You jumped right in the water!

You are soooo strong! On our little hike, you were picking up the biggest rocks to throw in the water!

I think this is one of my all-time favorite pictures of you Lala! You are so sweet and loving!

This is another favorite of mine! You Make a great Lion... and oh so cute and cuddley!

And I just wanted to finish off with this beautiful picture of you, your big sister and Mom!

I Love you Lala! Miss you! Come visit me and Uncle Stuart! We hope you have a Happy Happy Birthday!


Bridget said...

I love that girl! What cute photos, thanks.

Mahina said...

malia! i love all of the photos and the funny things you wrote! that is so sweet! i still laugh everytime i watch that video! i love her facial expressions! thanks for the good read!

Tutu lady said...

Wow! You really did this up right. So many good photos. Isn't she the most entertaining 4 year old! She's still keeping us on our toes. Great job Malia.