Sunday, October 7, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!

So many Birthdays this month! but before any of the other birthdays in our family were possible... you were born! Thank you for everything that you do! I love you! It seems to be a theme that I take a walk down memory lane for the birthday girl so here we go!

* One of the memories I have of us is from Pre-school: I remember you taking me out of school one day and we took a drive up to Santa Barbara (i think) for a stamp convention or something like that.... I think it was so we would have better traffic and be able to go in the carpool lane, but I didn't mind it was fun and you brought me my favorite yogurt for a snack! (random that I remember the yogurt I know).

* You are so very talented at what you do and so into crafts. I remember one time I had to go to the doctor and get a shot, lots of moms take their kid to get a treat like ice cream or to a toy store, we went to a Stamp/artsy craftsy store and I got to pickout something there haha... I think they actually had a cool pink ball with blue polka dots on it, so I did end up getting a toy, but it was funny that it came from a crafts store.

* Every saturday night when I was little, I would wash my hair and you would put in lots of little braids so I would have pretty crimpy hair for sunday... (I'm not sure if it was every saturday or even if it was pretty... but you did it for me!) or you would put in the pink sponge curlers for me!

* I remember when you were always working on your loom making the beautiful rugs that are in your house today. I wanted to be just like you and weave something so you got out the mini loom and taught me how to set it all up and work it. It was such a mini loom that it could only be probably 6-8 inches wide but I kept weaving so it turn out to be a REALLY long skinny rug.... not useful for anything and it was shaped more like a scarf but super thick! I think you were proud anyway because I was weaving like you!

* You were always so supportive of me and what I wanted to do. You drove me for so many years to gymnastics, came to all of my meets and even braided my hair nice and pretty for them! Thanks Mom! You also took me to diving during the summers, and once I was in high school, you came to all my water polo games.

* You were always willing to drive me and my friends to church dances... until we could drive ourselves.

* I don't know how many times you would put my hair in hot curlers.... and burn your fingers, but you didn't mind doing it, you're the best!

* You brought me out to school and helped me move into my dorm my freshman year of college, we got to spend some time having fun before school started and you had to leave. You didn't even get too mad at me when I sprayed the sunscreen on your back but didn't rub it in so you got white polka dots on your sunburned back... sorry.

* I always loved when you and Dad were able to make it to the Games we had in California!

* It was even more fun when you guys came to visit me in Hawaii! That was an awesome helicopter ride!

* You went dress shopping with me before Stuart asked Dad if he could marry me... and we got the dress! Not only that... but you hid the dress so no one would see it cuz no one knew yet! Hehehe!
* You helped me make the most beautiful wedding invitations ever!

* We had so much fun when you came to visit last christmas! It was nice to have you around and our trip to kauai was a blast! very tiring but very fun!

* You are such a good Tutu Lady! All the grandkids love you and cant wait to see you or spend time with you... you even take time to teach them so pretty cool skills...

So mom, I hope you enjoyed my memories of us... I certainly do! I love you and hope you have the Happiest Birthday ever! I love you!!! Mahalo for everything you do and everything you are!

ps... I know it says it was posted on the 7th, but I know your birthday is the 8th, I just wanted to make sure it was up on your birthday so you wouldnt get sad.... Like Mahina's wasn't posted til late on her b-day night.... Love you!!


Rhonda said...

happy birthday Jill. Thanks for all you did/do for my beautiful daughter-in-law...who brings such joy to my son.

Tutu lady said...

Awwww, so nice. You made my day. It's funny the things one remembers most. I just remember you being the sweetest daughter ever. Mahina even says so. It's a pleasure being your mom. Mahalo, for the Birthday joy. I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always. As long as forever, my baby you'll be. Mom

Mahina said...

that is so sweet! i've never seen those helicopter pictures! those are cool! that must have been so awesome! nani looks so little in that picture!

it is true that you were the sweetest teenage daughter ever, but now i think we might be tied for sweetest daughter! you think? maybe??!!

ashley said...

hey hi howzit
so thanks for leaving me a comment, i think we need to get together and go surf. that is cool that you guys are in tva. me and the munchkins are always around there on the swings and playgrounds.
we should go surf for sure, our boards are on their way here right now, but we love a good pounders session. email me and leave your number so we can get together.
talk to you soon~ash

Mahina said...
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