Saturday, October 6, 2007

Happy Birthday to my FAVORITE SISTER!!!

Well Today is Mahina's Birthday and I wan to wish her the very best! I say happy birthday to my Favorite sister because thats exactly what she is... my absolute favorite sister in the whole wide world!!! I can also get away with saying that without hurting anyone's feelings... Mahina you are so amazing and I love you! I am so happy that we are able to be such good friends! Growing up with so many years between us I could always look up to you because you were such a good example! I always wanted to be just like you.... I always tried to wear your clothes even if they weren't even close to fitting me! Now that I'm a big kid I still look up to you but we're also such close friends and I love it!

A few good memories.....

* You tauaght me how to drive the little orange karmann ghia an hour before the Stake Dance because I wanted to drive myself to the dance.... you even took me on a big hill to make sure i'd be able to start if I was stuck at a light on my way there!

*Nose Kisses!

* You let me tag along with you when you were hanging out with Nate and Tim... we went to palace park and drove the go carts! I was too young to have a curfew but when I wasn't there when mom and dad got home... i think they worried. But it was waaayyyy fun!

* You always dated cool guys that were fun and you didn't mind if I hung around.

* Even better... You married the BEST one! and he's funny! haha

* Visiting you in Oregon in the summer and I was freezing the whole time... (I came almost straight from hawaii so thats my excuse) we sewed almost the whole time I was there... and went to JoAnns who knows how many times! It was so much fun and we made such cute stuff!

* That one time you came to visit and only told me so you could surprise everyone else... I told mom I was going to the library to study so I could go pick you up.... I guess that wasn't a very good excuse because she said it would be closing, so I said I was going to the UCI Library and she told me to call kawika to make sure it was open, so I called him and asked him, and he was all confused wondering why I would need to go there but I couldnt tell him or else it would have ruined the surprise.... then while I was gone, Andie called the house looking for me and mom told her I was at the librbay and she didnt buy it at all.... hahah!!! that was funny!

* When I came to pick you up when you came for my wedding... you were sitting down holding Lala and I didn't even notice you were like 7 months pregnant! You sneaky sneaky girl!

* When I visited this summer one night we stayed up WAY too late talking..... we knew it was WAY too late when we started Laughing histarically at nothing at all.... we were laughing so hard we were crying.... and my cheeks hurt so bad! I think we were laughing at the watches you and Gavan ordered from TV when you were really little and they broke the day you got them! Haha!

* Your visit to ABQ/our visit to Colorado with you! We had so much fun spending that time with you and the Mason Fam! The Bar-D was awesome! The yummy dinners, the fun little hike, skipping rocks at the Lake, our Beautiful day on the lake... that turned into a hail storm! That was fun too! Notice the beautiful sky in the background....
then it turned to this:

* I love that even though we are full grown human beings that aren't dressed by our mom.... you don't mind wearing the same outfit! Haha!

* During our visits.... unfortunately we didn't get too many pictures of the two of us.... because we are both behind the camera a lot.... like this:

* We can always be silly together

* You make beautiful Babies!!!

I know this is kinda funny but thought i'd put it in here anyways.... also, the I was a little hard for me....
M- Magnificent, Miss Photogenic, Marathon finisher! Makes me smile, Marvelous mother of 3, mangoe toes

A- Athletic, Always Beautiful, Amazing,

H- Happy, Helpful, healthy, histarical (especially during our 3am chats)

I- intelligent, island girl (at heart),

N- Naturally beautiful, neat and tidy, never disappointing,

A- Always in my heart...

I love you Mahina!!! Happy Happy Birthday! Sorry you didnt see this on your Bday, but it is still your birthday here in Hawaii at 10:56 PM Love you!!!


Mahina said...

awww! i love you so much! that is the sweetest thing! thank you!

i was sad that i didn't talk to you yesterday, but was so happy this morning when i read this post for my birthday. you are my favorite sister too, but you already know that!

i LOVE nose kisses too! we've passed them on to our girls! they have good noses for it, just like yours!

i didn't remember all of these things...i let you tag along with me with dates? wow, i was a cool big sister! i remember taking you to learn to drive the ghia. didn't i take you to the hill by the northridge's house? that was funny.

i loved that surprise trip to cali. it was so funny how hard mom made it for you to pick me up at the airport! you worked so hard to keep it a secret from everyone. it was so worth it! i never knew that ann called when you were gone and didn't believe mom. haha! and then, the trip i came when hapai with kawena, the surprise was on you when you picked me up at the airport! it took you several minutes before you noticed my belly! it was great fun for me to see your reaction!

i love all of the memories we have together. it's amazing to me that we are such great friends even though we are almost 9 years apart! that sounds like so much, yet it doesn't feel like it. that because i am just immature or because you are super mature?? whatever the reason, i love having you as my sister!

thanks again little sis! i love you!

Malia said...

awww... love you too!!! Sorry I didnt call you yesterday, i wanted to finish the post first and I was hoping to get some older pictures from mom and dad, so i might have to make an addition to this post later with more fun pictures! You didnt let me tag along on dates but You let me hang around when you guys were hanging out at the house.... but you do remember me going with you and nate and tim right? ok love you!!! i'll call you today!

Tutu lady said...

Nice post! I always learn new things when you talk about the good ol' days with your siblings. A nice Happy Birthday week, for Mahina. Love you both so much and I'm happy you love each other. Good job Malia.

Darilyn said...

Malia, I love your tribute of memories for Mahina. I like how it helps me know her better. Also, you always have the most amazing pictures on your blog. What a talent.