Monday, October 15, 2007

And More Birthdays!!!!

HAPPY HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY KAWENA!!!! Such a big girl! Wish we could have been there for your birthday Luau! I'm sure it was amazing! Kawena you are such a sweet beautiful girl we love you so much! I had so much fun when I got to go to Oregon to see you this summer! But the very first time I met you... was when your mom came to california for Uncle Stuart and my wedding! It was such a surprise!!! Look here you are in this picture... I know i know, my big hand blocking you, I'm sorry about that... I guess I just felt like I needed to be the center of attention that day... it wont happen again!

We had so much fun that day at the Park! And you looked so cute in your little hat!

And of course you looked adorable swinging in that swing!

You are so sweet and always happy! Little island girl in your hawaiian print dress!

You love the water! So bath time was a blast!

I love this picture! I have no words you're just too cute!

Thank you for taking a trip to visit us and letting us come spend time with you in Colorado! Here you are on the train ride! You weren't too excited about it but boy did you love that golden ticket!

Not to mention the food and entertainment at the Bar-D!!! You were so excited!

Maybe a little too excited because you were sure worn out!

I love you Kawena!!! I hope you had the best birthday ever! Sorry this was late... I was having problems uploading the pictures and was trying to get this done the past 3-4 days! It was still going to be late... I just didnt think it would be this late! But I just help to make Birthday weeks rather than just a BirthDAY. =) Love you!!!!


Mahina said...

ahhh, i love all of the pictures!! we love that girl too! she is just so easy to love!

wish you could have been here for the luau too! we missed you!

thanks for the birthday tribute, i'm so glad it finally worked for you! sometimes i have the same problem with pictures!

love you!

tutu lady said...

So nice to see the pictures of you and your lil' niece. I love her and you too! We really could have used your help at the Luau. Next time, O.K.?

Michal said...

your kids are going to be so beeyoutiful! i just am gaga over mahina's girls. thanks for sharing those sweet pictures of kawena.