Monday, February 23, 2009

I survived!

My first day as a substitute teacher!  Last night I called the hotline to see if there were any jobs for me and there was... but it was at the elementary school and I was planning on going mostly for High School... that way, if the kids are horrible, you only have them for an hour and then you get rid of them.  I was so nervous last night I could hardly sleep, I mean who am I kidding, I don't know what to do with little kids!  I woke up early this morning, got ready and went to school.  Turns out the teacher was on campus just in the library, there were 2 part time teachers that came in at different times, and after lunch there was a school talent show and "Super Raider" assembly (to honor the good students).  I was happy to have someone else in the class who felt at home their, since its been quite a few years since I've been in the classroom.  The kids were great and I don't think I messed them up too bad.  

The biggest downside of today is that my feet are killing me!  I haven't worn shoes in forever... and I only had 2 pairs that were kinda dressy enough for a teacher... one pair that I knew for a fact were ridiculously uncomfortable (but cute) and the other one that I was pretty certain would hurt my feet but not entirely sure (but once again, cute).  *Note to self: next time you are buying shoes, put them on and walk around the store for at LEAST 15 minutes!  Then decide.  I vow never to buy shoes just because they are cute, they have to be comfy too!  I have a couple pairs of shoes that are SUPER cute, but I never wear them (they're from 3-4 years ago when it rained for 40 days straight... whats a girl to do when you can't surf...  I will take this time to blame Jana for that =) we went shopping.)  I'm not a "shoe" kinda girl.  If I wanna splurge on shoes...  they'll be slippers and they'll be RAINBOWS!  

Looking around at the feet of the kids, this is what I saw:

I was oh so jealous!!  I wanted to run free.  Only in Hawaii is it ok for you to show up at school barefoot.  And maybe only this side.  This made me think it would be ok if I wear slippers to school tomorrow.  That's right, I'm going back tomorrow.  This time its High School/intermediate.  Wish me luck!  

*Image credit: google images....  and I love this drawing/painting. So cute!


Vogels said...

Good for you! You finally substituted, I would be so scared haha Good luck tomorrow

Nana said...

congratulations! I remember my first day as a sub. It was for Jr.High math!(NOT by subject) If you have some spare time to observe, I recommend dropping in on a few classes. Watching another teacher at work will give you confidence in your own ability.

jen said...

Yeah, they called me Monday morning at 7 and wanted me to sub at Sunset Elementary at 7:30. It was nuts. Plus I swear they said 4th graders and when I got there it was a 1st grade class. I was exhausted by the end of the day!!

Oh and I went barefoot just like the kids, am I evil?

ashley said...

amen on the no shoes, although i am over rainbows these days! when i student taught i went barefoot, it was so nice!

good luck tomorrow!

tutu lady said...

All Right! Good job Malia, you're awesome!
Good luck tomorrow and keep your feet happy. Love ya'll!

Mahina said...

barefoot! only in hawaii! glad you are subing! that's awesome!

mahea misses her auntie!

Dan Kettle said...

Oh man I wish they wouldve let you go barefoot at BYU too. ha I would way rather not wear anything. Just be glad you don't have to wear shoes all the time because your feet will get cold stepping in snow.

Michal said...

i can't get over that the kids come to school barefoot! and that you only have two pairs of shoes to wear for teaching. we live in such different worlds, malia!

i'm glad it went okay. i knew it would. it's scary at first, but you'll see that you're good at it and gain confidence. good luck tomorrow!

The Foys said...

Oh that's so great!! I am sure the kids loved you! =) Good luck in all your upcoming teaching adventures! I know you will do great! =) Keep keeping us posted! Love you!

Gavan said...

Yeah, I remember my year at BYU-H. No shoes baby... all year long!!

That's how I roll =)

Caryn said...

Congratulations on the first sub experience! I'm sure you did an amazing job with the kids. I definitely remember all of elementary barefoot. Those were definitely the days! =)