Friday, February 20, 2009


Don't let your frequent flyer miles expire. And don't be fooled into thinking they don't expire when they send you a statement with all your miles that you've accumulated and under expiration date, they leave it blank. That probably means they're already expired. If you do happen to let them expire, you have a few options to get them back.

1. You can buy back the miles that expired.
- Oh really? and how much would that cost?
- Lets see.... calculating..... it would cost you One THOUSAND, Three HUNDRED and Twenty-Two DOLLARS and Seventy-Six CENTS.

Are you serious? I might as well just buy the tickets I was going to use the miles for... it would be much cheaper! Can you say REEEEE-DICULOUS!! (I Can.)

2. You can sign up for the Flight Challenge Promotion that we are running.
- Oh ok, how does that work?
- Well you sign up for this promotion and if you fly a round trip flight with united before March 1st 2009 then we will re-activate the miles that you lost.
- So how much does it cost to sign up for the promotion?
- $199.

There was one other option but I don't remember what it was.... something equally, if not more ridiculous than Option #1.

Also, when you get married among all the other things you need to remember to change your name on, don't forget your mileage plus account. Because when you sign up for that flight challenge promotion, the person named on the ticket, has to match the name on the account for it to work.

Oh bother!

I did it. I signed up for that ridiculous promotion, flew a round trip flight on United, sent in all the documentation for my name change. And now I'm waiting on the miles to be re-activated. Once they are we can go ahead and book our flights from here to LA so we can make our already booked flight from LA to panama in JULY!

Of course I wish that my miles had not expired but in the long run, it worked out pretty nicely. We would have to pay $600 at LEAST to get to LA so instead I spent that much to go visit Mahina and Mitch and the girls... plus.... we'll get our flight to LA on our miles and we'll break even if not better and I had a wonderful trip to visit Albuquerque (not my favorite place... but some of my favorite people!)

Oh United.... how you frustrate me but i'm happy to be able to fly your friendly skies!


ashley said...

what a pain! glad it's going to all work out though- you guys are going to panama? that is rad. we are going to tyr to go to nicagarua in august if we can! central america rules!

Nana said...

bummer...hope this all works out the way it sounds like it should. I had just accumulated enough southwest credits for a trip to Hawaii, when they lost that route...Oh well. Good thing I have a reason to visit there!

Mahina said...

miles programs can be really lame! but when it all works out it can be good!

i am soooo grateful that we were the happy recipients of all this lameness! i wish you could be forced to visit me every year or say....every two months!! ahhhh, that WOULD be nice! just t hink of the beautiful handmade wardrobe i would have!

Michal said...

the fine print on those things is incredible. i'm glad it's going to work out for you and SOOOO glad that you got to go see mahina and her girls.