Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dear Airport Bathroom designers....

I would like to make a suggestion. With all the Airlines doing this new thing of charging for any checked baggage, many people like myself are probably packing a little lighter and into a carry on item. When you have a little rollie suitcase and I do mean Little, it's still hard to take it into the tiny stalls with you! My suggestion would be to make the stalls either a little wider or a little deeper. You choose. I know I could go into the big stall and have plenty of room... but I wouldn't want someone who really needed it to come in and have to wait (I'm just nice like that=).


One of your valued customers

(My suitcase isn't quite this cute in color and design...
but it is pretty cute because it is pretty miniture)

On a sidenote... there was a lady checking in in front of me whose luggage was 9 lbs over weight and she had to pay $125 extra for that! Can you say ridiculous?! It would have only been $40 if she had taken the 9 lbs out and checked an additional bag. She didn't have one and the check in lady suggested she go buy one upstairs where they sell suitcases. She paid the $125. Sad... but true.

*Thank you Free Internet Airport for allowing me to blog while I wait for my flight to leave! I have a 1 hour layover in Denver and then 2 Hours at LAX... hopefully those airports are just as giving with the free internet!


Dan Kettle said...

Man such a rip off. I swear the airports dont give you a break for anything. If you get any food there your paying disneyland prices. ha We're getting worked. I gave you a shout out on my blog and told peeps to check out your photo blog and book you. Miss you guys tons. ALoha

Mahina said...

so glad that you are nice like that! i use the big bathroom when it is me and my three girls! is that ok? i know we are not handicapped, but we sure as heck wouldn't all fit in the small bathroom stalls, especially with our luggage!!

i hope that does that mean i am NOT "nice like that?"