Friday, May 30, 2008

Keepin it REAL!!!

Well thanks to Mahina you all are going to get to see what we would rarely let anyone see.... and now i'm sending it out to the world to all those millions of fans who visit my blog! Ok, so maybe not millions... maybe only about 15, but still, thats 15 more than we would like to share this with.

the rules: you must take 10 pictures of the following things right away without straightening or cleaning . then you tag 5 others.

My side of the family already knows how good I am at keeping things nice and tidy... its the Johnson side that will now see what a "MESS" their brother/son has gotten himself into!

So here it goes... its not too late you know. If you don't want your opinion of me to change you can just navigate away from this page and check back later... i will most likely be posting shortly to get this post down the line a bit!

1. The Fridge
Yes that is a huge box of Corn Dogs from costco... we went while we were in town yesterday and Stuart got sucked in by the sample. That wouldn't have been my first choice out of the samples we had but hey... and they were pretty tasty even if they were cooked in the microwave (we don't have a microwave so they will be even better cooked in the oven!!

Also please notice the 2 pictures on the right on top of the fridge... they fell over a while back and Stuart put them back up and a couple weeks ago I noticed they were sideways... still havent turned them right side up haha!

2. Your Closet
The closets in TVA are pretty big so thats nice... the only problem is, there's no door to shut the mess out!

3. Kitchen Sink
So we had pizza probably monday or tuesday (it was absolutely delicious we put shrimp and tomatoes on it and it was soooo good!) and the pan is still in the sink.

At least the pile of dishes in there are nice and colorful!

4. Toilet
Not terrible, but it's seen cleaner days... Toilets are Stuart's job.

5. Favorite Shoes
Its a toss up... but really its my rainbows. My absolute favorite ones were my thin strapped rainbows but I was wearing those in the Bus accident and only ended up with one. =( Insurance should cover that right? Property loss/damage ;)

6. Favorite Room
Yes the couch is in the middle of the room... bad feng shue I know. We move that out in front of the computer to watch movies, it usually doesn't get put back for a couple months or so... and i'm not allowed to lift anything heavy so it stays!

7. What your kids are doing right now
Well... our kids are waiting up in heaven... but when they do decide to join us, i'm sure they look just like BOTH of us... just swirl us together and you got our kids!

Man they'll be good lookin!
Haha jk!

8. Pile of Laundry
This pile just needs to be folded/hung up... Stuart did some laundry last night while I was at work... since we don't have a washer and dryer he's been having to do, or at least help with the laundry cuz I can't carry it down to the laundry room, you won't hear me complain about that!

9. Self Portrait
Yes this is a self portrait... there was no one else here, I just used the timer.

10. Dream Vacation
Fiji. Some day Stuart will take me there. I've got my passport and I'm ready to go!!!

well now that that is done... do I still have friends? Have I been disowned? So the only way that being this messy and still being so happy is that both parties (Stuart and myself) have to not mind the mess. Sometimes it gets to me... and the it gets cleaned up. And actually, it will be clean this weekend because mom and dad are coming out! so after i've cleaned up a bit, i'll give you an update!

I tag:
Becky Facer
Erin Low

Sorry guys... if I can do it so can you! And mine will make you look good!


The Foy Family said...

Ok, I LOVED this! It was so cute and fun to finally see inside your secret apartment! ;) It's really cute and looks nice and homey. =) You are so brave to take photos of it 'As is'. When I get around to mine, it won’t look as messy as it should, cuz I JUST cleaned up don't worry, our apartment looks about like yours most of the time---loved and lived in! =) Just imagine stuff all over it!

I need to call you soon. Maybe tomorrow! Love you lot’s!

The Foy Family said...

PS- The photo of you and Stuart totally made me laugh! Very clever! --And your self portrait is really cute! =)

Malia said...

Haha thanks Andie! I can't wait to see pictures of your apartment too! oh and even though it doesnt ask for it, you can take a picture of your bathroom ceiling too... I think that was the one you painted. anyways... talk to you soon!

tutu lady said...

Interesting, I'm more interested in the cookies & Cream than the corn dogs. Not much in your frig. besides tomatoes and water. Hmmmmmm.
Nice picture of your keki's.

Michal said...

thanks for not tagging me. i was so afraid when i saw the toilet, since ian has a nasty case of the big d right now and even though i try to clean it every time . . .

by the way, your tomatoes will lose their flavor and their nutrients in the fridge. keep them on the counter!:) love you guys!

Malia said...

Hey Michal! Thanks for the tip about the tomatoes... sorry to break it to you but the reason I didn't tag you is because Mahina already did! remember no cleaning before posting!

Nana said...

Not so bad - it looks to me like Stuart has cleaned up his act for you....I rarely ventured beyond his door, and the "forbidden west wing" was famous for its Texaco Bathroom.
Sorry girls, I didn't train them better.

Mahina said...

wow! your kids are going to be gorgeous all swirled together like like! i knew you would come up with something fun and creative for that one! i noticed the same thing about your fridge, not much in it!! and i think that is hilarious that your picture frqames are sideways like that!

great job! thanks for playing!

Tyler said...

send me a picture of your missing rainbow. I could hit the outlet with a......well a properly thrown rainbow sandal from my office. Maybe they'll have a sale.

karebear said...

Aww, Malia! Those photos bring back memories =). I really really hope you and stuart get to go to fiji and then you can post awesome pictures of the island life and surf!!! I miss being able to be so close to you guys.
Thanks for the tag, I'll get to it probably on monday or tuesday.

karebear said...
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Mama Jarvs said...

Hi guys---hey, so the apartment looks great! And you can serve up those corndogs at an elegant candlelit dinner when your parents are visiting. Just swirl some mustard all over the dinner plate, add two corndogs (maybe one crisscrossed over the other in an artistic way, a little parsley garnish, and you've got a beautiful dish! Love you guys! Lisa

Christine said...

I love how all of your favorite shoes are flip flops!

Brooke said...

definitely cute babies!!!