Monday, October 6, 2008

Today is somebody's Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Mahina! I know birthday week is gonna be crazy this year with the move and everything but I hope you find some time to sit back and relax!

I wish I could be back there to help you celebrate or at least help getting some of your packing done but i'm sure everything will get done just fine!

Mahina you are a great example to me!
(I know this picture is kinda funny but for some reason I just love it!)

You're a great wife, mom, daughter, and the best sister ever!

Remember the good old days when it was me you were lifting up on your legs! Ha! That'd be a little bit harder now... good thing you've got these little chickadees running around to play with now!

I love you Mahina! Happy Birthday! I hope it is the best! Sorry that we never got around to taking pictures of you or family shots while I was there... that would have been fun! And we never even got a picture of the 2 of us! We barely got one of me and Kawika right before he left! I guess thats what happens when we have the both of us who are used to being behind the lens! oops! Now go enjoy some death by chocolate or goo goo cluster! Mmmm thats sounds delicious!


tutu lady said...

Thanks Malia, Nice pictures. That last one brings back memories of the good ol' days when I had 2 lil' girls to play with, and exercise with. My girls were just as cute as these.

Becky Ryan & Oliver said...

Wait, are you serious? Is that not you Malia? It took me a really long time to realize that is your sister in the pics, you guys couldn't look more alike. And the fact that you have the exact same haircut, you're tricky:)

Mahina said...

thanks little sis! i love the picture of me painting the nails! it's very precious! and did you notice the hairband on my wrist?! i am never without it!

that's funny what your friend said about us looking alike! i take that as a compliment!

i love you!

Malia said...

yup becky, thats my sister not me! we try to be sneaky like that and trick people... jk.

Yes mahina I love the painting nails picture and I totally noticed the hairband! glad you love them! That pic proves that you sometimes do paint their nails.. weren't you saying that you never do? Haha I caught you!

Hope you bday was awesome like you!!!

Michal said...

i love the picture of the painting nails, too. what a precious moment!