Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Phone Conversation...

Me: Hi!!!

Mahina: Hi how are you?

Me: Good how are you?

Mahina: Good.... I was just calling to tell you that the baby (Kawena) has a cracker in between her toes and is eating it...

Pause waiting for that statement to register in my brain.....

Me: what? really?!?!

Mahina: uh huh

Me: Baaahhhahahahaha!!!

Mahina: We asked her where she learned that and she said Malia

Me: She actually said Malia??

Mahina: Well she said "Lia"

Me: Hahaha!!! That's awesome!!!

Mahina: Yeah so mitch wanted me to call and tell you thanks and that we were thinking about you.

Me: What a great influence I am!

Mahina: I know.

Blah Blah Blah.... Good Bye Dialogue.....

Needless to say I was cracking up about that one.... but just to clarify, I DO NOT eat crackers from between my toes! Don't you wish I was around your kids teaching them all sorts of goodness like that?!?!

Background Story:

When I was in Oregon, at some point while I was there (maybe a couple of times) I was holding Kawena and if she dropped her blanket or a stuffed animal or something, I would grab it with my toes and bring it up to my hand so I wouldn't have to bend down to get it. Kawena being the extremely bright and impressionable young thing apparently picked up that little skill... I saw her pick up her blanket with her toes once while I was still there. I was so proud! I guess I forgot to tell her that we shouldn't pick up our food that way!


Mahina said...

yeah! thanks a lot for that one! we really appreciate it!

it was pretty funny to look back and see the baby sitting in her carseat with a cracker wedged between her toes and eating it! classic!

i can't believe that she remembered that you taught her that! she is a very smart 2 year old with an incredible memory, we are finding out!

Michal said...

ah, the influence of an auntie! are you sure that you don't eat with your toes? leave it to a 2 year old to expose your dark secret!

tutu lady said...

She must be limber, like her uncle Gavan, who used to trim his toenails with his teeth!

Larry said...

Good story, ya? I'm just wondering what it is that you DO eat from between your toes....