Tuesday, September 4, 2007

We're home!

Well Its been a while but we've been pretty busy here. We arrived in the honolulu airport at 1:00pm last tuesday! That was a busy day! So we got picked up by a friend and were taken back to good old Laie where we went to pick up our apartment assignment. Its kinda weird how they do it because before they give you your key, they make you take care of all this paperwork stuff when all you want to do after a long day of traveling is get into your apartment! I think they should rethink their way of doing things! Lucky for us, we have friends in the right places! We went over to the office where fortunately, our old RA was working the desk so we were in! She gave us the keys and we would just take care of the insurance and other stuff the next day! Really we were thinking of our friend Jason who gave us the ride, all our stuff was in his car and we didn't want him to have to wait for us to get everything taken care of, besides, it was his wife's birthday! First things first.... we HAD to get in the water! so we walkled down to temple beach and jumped in!

It was so nice to get in the water after being land locked in New Mexico for so long! We don't ever want to go back there ( sorry mitch) well maybe for a short visit for a good reason but not for living... we're ocean people and get dried up too easily!

So even though the water was a little murky it was a beautiful day!!! And we are so happy to be back home where we belong!

Back to the story of our first day back, after our quick dip in the ocean we met up with our friends Brett and Karen and their little guy Scottie AKA booboo bear. It had been 4 months since seeing him and he got so big!

He kinda forgot us and was a little shy but he's already gotten more comfortable with us. Actually (sidenote) funny story, we were over at our apartment which is in the same building as our old apartment and scottie walked off and went over to our old apartment... so he does still remember us I think. So back to the day, Brett and Karen were so nice to let us borrow their car so we could go back into town to see if we could check out some cars that we had seen on craigslist. We had been checking craigslist for cars for the past couple months just to see what was out there. So we went into town, ran a couple errands and one of the car guys we had called, called us back so we went over to check out the truck. It was perfect for us! So stuart drove our new little truck home while I followed in the other car! We absolutely love this thing! Its in perfect running order and its not pretty enough for us to worry about any damage that might happen on the outside! It was a little dirty but we've taken some time to clean it up a bit and it looks and feels great!

We were going to try and fish off the point from the back of the truck but Boo boo bear wasn't too excited about the idea so we'll try it again later! But so many great things about this truck:
* it took us probably 4 or 5 runs with other peoples cars to get all our stuff stored before we left 4 months ago, this time we were able to get everything in one run (besides our couch)
*we can throw our boards in the back nice and easy!
*this thing gets great gas mileage!!! We've been driving it around a lot (over 200 miles) in the last week and still have a quarter tank. Thats the benefit of having a "cute little truck" as mitch would call it. (I'm not sure if he would call this one "cute" but he'd definately call it little!)
*Like I said earlier, we're not worried about any bumps or bruises on this thing!

Anyways.... we're happy to be back in beautiful Hawaii!!!



Tutu lady said...

Congrats! on your new lil' truck. Happy trucking and fishing and.....surfing. Yeah!!! Wish I was there. But Utah was fun too.

Mahina said...

like your "cute little truck"! sounds perfect!