Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Happy Labor Day... yesterday!

Sorry that my posts are in such a random order! I hope you enjoy them anyway!

Labor day! I hope everyone enjoyed theirs! We did over here! Since being back home in hawaii, we have decided to make some changes in in our lives, we've decided to keep to our new schedule of early to bed and early to rise! It was an easy transition to make coming from california with the time difference! We hope to stay on it because we love it and have felt great! Yesterday we got up and since there was supposed to be a small north swell we packed up the truck with our boards, fins, goggles, spear and some food... we were off to the beach! Since it was supposed to be small, we thought, bring the boards, it could be fun but just in case, we can bring the spear and maybe catch dinner! well, it was small but still fun!

The beach was uncrowded and the water was soooo nice! It was a beautiful day! When we got there, there were three guys out in the water but that was it! So we paddled out and caught a few fun ones! Soon enough the other three guys went in and we had the water all to ourselves! it was awesome! We surfed for a couple hours, Stuart got the camera out and took some video, but I havent figured out how to get videos on here yet. So here is the one stuart took that wasn't a video.

But I was able to take some pictures of stuart surfing, this first one isn't really of him, but I thought it was a cool picture so I wanted to put it up! The next one is stuart surfing, like I said, it was small.... but beautiful and great to just just get in the water!

Here is a picture of some other people that were out that morning just enjoying the day! You can see how beautiful it was with the clear water and blue sky!

While I had the camera and goggles, I saw some yummy fish so after a while we decided to go in, eat our lunch real quick and get back out there with the spear to try and catch dinner! Here's Stuart:

Unfortunately we didn't catch anything, but we had a lot of fun and I was able to practice a little bit!

It was such a fun day, we're so blessed to live in such a beautiful place! Unfortunately we were having so much fun in the sun... we lost track of time and forgot to reapply the sunscreen and got a little bit fried. We're both hurting today but it will soon be gone so we're ok. It was worth it!


Tutu lady said...

Had a nice labor day - traveling. I was in SLC and went for lunch at "Little America" restraunt and who should be sitting in the booth next to me? It just happened to be Darin Zwick. Crazy huh? Then I was about to return my car at the SLC airport - and who do I see with his Van. The Van man - your Uncle Lynn. two cowinky dinks in one short hour!

Mahina said...

i need to follow your example and go to bed earlier! maybe if i do i could workout before the girls go to school! i'll definately have more free time during the day! our labor day was full of running errands to get nani ready for school! can't believe she is in 1st grade!