Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Fun at the Tarayao's!

Here's Dad... he was willing to be my first subject with the new camera. Thanks Dad love you!!!

Here we have Gavan and I, and Tyler in the background... we were having a fun game of Tumblin Dice!

The mammas:


Jake... looking very excited. Oh and the food on the table.... Chinese Chicken Salad! Oh I wish I could eat some of that right now!!!

Jake and Kawika... we were all walking around the table for the second round of tumblin dice after a yummy yummy dinner... thanks again dad! it was awesome and we miss it already!

Kawika on his turn... very intense

Me and Kawika:

Kawika, Me and Gavan

Gavan and Me

Gavan, Kawika and I. We missed you Mahina! Wish you were there!!! Love you!

No story for this post... but pictures are the most fun anyway right?? We had fun, I didn't even pick up the camera that night so thanks to Stuart for getting those pictures at least! Those were all of them! I'll get better at taking pictures... Hope you liked it!


Tyler said...

Hey guys great pics. It was so much fun having you guys here for a few days and getting to hang with the Tarayao's. still no baby, but I think we found a sweet place in san clemente close to the beach and work.

Love you guys

Tutu lady said...

We loved having you all here for the week. Come again and stay longer. Next summer maybe you could make lots of $$$ here in sunny So.Cal.!

Mahina said...

i love that picture of dad! i want a cute picture of dad on my blog! gavan, kawika and i have a picture of us, too. now we just need to get one with all four of us!

Darilyn said...

Okay, I'm guessing that Gavan and Kawika are brothers to you and Mahina? And what is Tumblin dice? I've never heard of that.