Wednesday, August 22, 2007

1/2 way home!!!!

So we're back in California now thank goodness! We were a little concerned about if we would make it or not. We left at about 7:30 pm and headed for california. Our first gas stop we checked the oil and there was something really weird going on... there was oil all over the back end of our car and it was splattered all inside the engine compartment. We saw that ther was a hose that was attatched like it should be so stuart reattatched it and we thought everything was fixed. Next stop, checked it again and there was more oil splattered all over the place again. uh oh! well we kept checking the oil every fill up and adding when necessary. We still don't know whats wrong but at least we're not stuck out in the hot desert in a car with no AC! We are very grateful to be back safe in california where we get a week to spend with family and friends before going back home to Hawaii!!!

PS... california drivers (especially LA) are CRAZY!!!! we started to hit some traffic coming down some hill getting into LA area and people are just flying down tailing people so close and changing lanes left and right. I was extremely nervous and don't ever want to have to drive in crazy california if I can avoid it at all. SLOW DOWN PEOPLE!!!! You'll live longer!

Sorry no pictures yet... but we got ourselves a super cool camera for our anniversary and its at dad's house so when we get back to hawaii i'll be able to do some super cool posts! get excited!!!


Andie Foy said...

Oh im excited! I love photos! How fun that you got a new camara! That is our next big thing to get also. Have fun with it and I will see you soon! Love ya!

Mahina said...

wish we could be there too. we missed you by a week! i'm excited for your camera! cool! ann is on your blog!