Friday, August 3, 2007

Post 1 of a much needed Vacation!!!

It was so wonderful to be able to take a little vacation with Mitch Mahina and the Girls! I was so looking forward to it. Originally I was supposed to go and leave Stuart behind cuz he had to work... somebody's gotta pay the bills right?? So we decided that when Mahina came down to pick me up, we would go have lunch with stuart before we left. We were having such a nice little lunch at Macaroni Grill (yum yum!) while stuart was sitting there talking about how much he wanted to come with us! At the end of lunch he announced "Thats it, I'm coming with you guys!" So he did! And it was great! We went up to Durango Colorado to Mitch's Grandma's Cabin. No cell phone reception, no internet... NO WORK!!! it was great! We were able to spend so much time with the Mason's it was great! Those 3 little girls are sooo funny! And so sweet!

So while we were there, we were able to do some fun stuff! We went on a nice little hike! Something easy enough for the girls, not too strenuous! We hiked/walked up along a little creek. and there were all these rocks around that Lala discovered were soooo fun to pick up throw into the water! She started with the little ones and then found that the bigger ones were much more fun because they made such a bigger splash!!! Towards the end... she was picking up rocks that had to weigh just as much as she did! She's a strong girl that one! I had to get this picture of Lala picking up one of those huge rocks... the funny thing was her little panties stickin out! Too bad they matched her pants so well!

So while Lala found a new hobby, the rest of us took a break, sat in the shade and had a snack! Some water and a granola Bar! Perfect. Some of us, (Mahina and I) decided to play photographer. I have a little point and shoot camera while Mahina has the nice big one with the Different lenses and all that jazz. I tricked her into trading cameras for a bit so I could have some fun. Too bad I don't have those pictures though! I guess you'll just have to see them on her Blog!
Sorry.... I'm still gettin used to this blogging this and the pictures aren't really going where I want them to go.... and then, even if I do get them to where I want them, once I post it, it looks completely different anyways! Mahina I need Help!!!

So the water was nice and the company was good. It was nice that the boys got to hang out a little bit, and get to know each other a little bit more. I'm always telling Stuart that Mitch is funny and he wants me to explain... but there's really no way to do that. You just have to hang around him a little bit and then you understand! So our little snack break, we decided to head back down the treacherous trail. Since Nani and Lala were having so much fun throwing rocks, we thought it'd be a good idea to go down to the lake and throw some more rocks! Teach the girls how to skip them, and the boys could have a furthest rock throwing contest... we won't say who won. But it was fun and Mahina and I were happy to be able to take more pictures! (Again... I was more interested in Mahina's camera and took more with that one) Also, I didn't have a lot of memory on my camera, or anywhere to unload pictures so there were limited pictures...

This one is of Nani down by the Lake. I thought it was a cute one!

Both Nani and Lala found Flowers that they gave to Stuart and I... such sweet girls!

So the moral of the story is... we had a lot of fun on this little day trip to the creek and the Lake!

And they lived Happily Ever After!

THE END.... Just Kidding....



Tutu lady said...

Oh, So cute! Thanks Malia for sharing. We love you and are happy that you got a vacation from the HOT heat. Love Mom

Mahina said...

so, does stuart think mitch is funny? i'm dying to know! we are so glad you were there! and i love settlers and want to play again!! i love the pix and i am hoping to post a bunch this weekend. stay tuned! and YES you are supossed to answer the questions on your blog cuz i tagged you. i'm waiting!!