Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Bar-D

So while we were there, it was Mitch's Birthday and for his birthday, we got to go to The Bar-D for Dinner and a Show! It was Awesome!!! So we got there and had a little time before the whole thing started so we got to Take a little train ride. This was fun and the girls loved it... that is Nani and Lala Loved it... Kawena loved the ticket that we were supposed to give to the ticket collector (he didn't get hers) he chewing on that ticket was the only thing to stop her from crying, so as long as she had that ticket she was fine!

Since we were frist in line, Nani got the best seat on the train... The one where you get to ring the bell... the entire ride! And she was quite good at it! She even let Lala take a turn at ringing the bell.
Here's Kawena like I said... chewing on that golden ticket! You can even see a leftover tear. And she's still soooo adorable! As for me, I used this time for a perfect excuse to play with Mahina's Camera some more!


So much fun and that was even before Dinner and the Show!!! Keep in mind Stuart and I didn't really know what to expect here... So we go in and we get right to it! You go through this line where you pick up a metal plate, and they fill it up with food for you! All you have to do is hold your pate out and decide whether you want chicken or beef. There were quite a few people there and you would think it would take forever to get everyone their food but they have the system down!!! We were in and out of that line before we knew it and eating the yummy yummy food!

So we had BBQ Beef, Beans, a baked potato, biscuit, apple sauce and a piece of spice cake! looks good huh? So the tables were all under the open sky and we had the beautiful mountains as a backdrop. It was amazing! Too bad the weather wasn't cooperating, and decided to rain so they had to cover up the starry sky with a covering for everyone, but it was still awesome! I even cleared my plate!

So after we finished dinner the show began! It was great (This picture is not... sorry about that). So there were five guys up there singing and playin for us! They were pretty funny and really entertaining!
Lala seemed to enjoy it! Or maybe it was her cute new sweatshirt that she was wearing....

But Kawena sure seemed to enjoy it!!!
Stuart and were able to just sit back, relax and enjoy the show...
Kawena may have enjoyed the show a little too much, so when I held her, I guess she got worn out from so much fun and she fell asleep in my arms. Awww so cute!It was great fun! Any time we're in Durango Colorado from now on I think we'll be visiting the Bar-D! Don't really know when we'll get back there though.


Mahina said...

ahhhh! i love it! you inspired me to get on my blog and post about the bar-d and all the fun things we did in colorado. i've got lots of catch up to do!! i love all the recent blogging you've been doing! it sure was fun, the bar-d. glad you liked it too!

Tutu lady said...

Great blog post - very informative. I'm glad you had such a nice vacation. Good pics too! Love you. Mom