Monday, November 9, 2009

New York: Day 2

Wow that took a while! Thanks Andie for the reminder and encouragement to get day two and more up on here!

Day 2 we started out at the early hour of around noon. =) Apparently we decided to just stick to hawaiian time and not do the whole time change thing. I guess thats ok to do in the city that never sleeps.

Stuart and I ventured out on our own and made our way down to the the Staten Island Ferry. I wanted to see the Statue of Liberty while we were there and this was perfect.

This is a FREE ferry over to Staten island that goes right by Lady Liberty. We rode over to Staten island where we had to get off and then just walked right back on. We were told that there is absolutely nothing to see or do over there so we got back on the ferry.

Isn't she lovely!?

After our ferry ride we went to Greenwich Village! We love it there! We just walked around the little neighborhood looking at the cute apartment buildings and the little businesses there. If we had to live in New York this is where we would want to be for sure! We also found our all time favorite place to eat! There'll be more on that in another post! Evan and Tamara came and met us for dinner which was amazing and I crave it now! Tamara's friend had a show at a comedy club and got us on "The List" so we got in free.

I took this photo before they got up and said no photography or video allowed. So after that I obediently put it away. But I'm glad I got this shot first =). Ryan Hamilton was the comedian and he was hilarious!!! You should google him for sure! And the main guy was also really funny and the show was awesome! It was our first time in a comedy club and it was such an awesome experience and I'm glad we were able to go!

After the comedy club we went to the driving range at Chelsea Piers. It was super fun!

Stuart broke one of the clubs while we were there. hahah. But it was no big deal, they just gave him another one... Is that common or something?

Oh he also hit the ball so far it hit the net.... I think he even hit one out and over it into the water! Stuart LOVES the driving range.... I don't think he'd like real golfing too much but he just loves to see how far he can hit the ball!

Another awesome day in New York! We probably went and got Pizza when we got home at midnight too. I wouldn't be surprised... we ate a lot of pizza while we were there.

I hope you enjoyed day 2! I know we did! More New York posts to follow... hopefully it won't take as long this time!


DavidyAshley Bowen said...

FUn Fun! Ive never been to a driving range! I'll have to try it. and in new york ..yeh that sounds good!

tutu lady said...

Yes! more posts please. Was that pizza any good? Can't be as good as Chicago pizza. You weren't that excited about it - so I guess not. I had to pay a nickel (5 cents) for the Staten Island Ferry, back in 1971.