Thursday, November 12, 2009

New York: Day 3

This is gonna be a short post. Today was supposed to be game day! As soon as the angel's won in Anaheim and we knew there was going to be a game six in New York jumped online and found tickets to the game! We were super stoked to be going to an angel game at Yankee stadium! Can you imagine???

First we went to Lunch (yes, lunch was first... remember how we stayed on Hawaiian time? Six hour difference... no biggie!) at the world famous Katz's Deli.

Yes Stuart and Evan are sporting their Angel's Gear in New York City... Yankee territory! Brave I know.

Here we are having a playful "discussion" with the workers of Katz's. They didn't like Evan's Jersey. Neither did a table full of guys that told us to get out of the city! And they weren't even joking about it. Looking at their faces you would think that we had done something really terrible like stolen their little sister's kitty cat and strung it up in a tree. The workers were nice though.

Here's Stuart waiting for the subway. I must say, the Subway is amazing and I loved it! What a brilliant idea that works perfectly. And the people who live there and use it all the time know all the ins and outs about it! I personally got turned upside down and around every time I went underground and came up again... but it's really an amazing system they have going there!

Another shot... pretty much the exact same but I like both. I like the yellow streak but I also love the one with the american flag passing by!

So like I said... it was supposed to be game six but it got rained out. I think instead we stayed in and watched a football game.

Stay tuned for day 4!


tutu lady said...

Bummer, It's a shame to waste an evening in NYC, watching football! Nice pic of Stuart. And you and Stuart standing in the rain. Katz's looks crowded. Was it really yummy? What did you eat?