Monday, November 23, 2009

New York: Day 4

I'm Back with another installment of New York! This is day 4 and 1/2 way through our trip. It started out with us hopping on the subway to go to church... the church building in New York is interesting because its in the middle of the city (I don't know if "middle" is the right term because whenever we were going anywhere we were underground so it was hard for me to get a feel for where anything was in comparison to anywhere else that we had been). It was right across the street from Juilliard which was cool to see. Not only that but the same building houses the chapel as well as the Temple! Pretty awesome!

Pretty awful angle I know... (we were about to go down to the subway when I remembered I wanted a photo of the temple) oops.

After church we took a walk down to Central Park. It was so beautiful! And I got to see those beautiful fall leaves that we don't get over here!

Not only were the trees beautiful but the light was awesome!

I'm not really sure but I think Stuart told me to be serious.... I couldn't hold that face long enough to get and shot of it but that's ok.

One of Stuart's old mission companions lives in NYC so we met up with him so they could catch up!

And since the game was rained out last night.... It's game day!!!

Here's Stuart supporting our angel's!

We were all about supporting the Angel's in Yankee territory. So we got all of our red stuff and Angel apparel.

We took the subway into the Bronx with the Thousands and Thousands of Yankee Fans. We got quite an ear full but we found a couple nice ones who were willing to pose for a picture. Don't they look fierce!?

Another awful shot but I had to put it in here.

Here's Tam and Evan in front of Yankee Stadium!!!

Go Angels!!!

This is obviously before the game =) haha!

So is this one! I have never in my life been boo'd at so much! It was incredible! When we got off the subway and were walking with all of the other game goers there were security guys in the tunnels with megaphones and as soon as one spotted us, he announced that there were Angel fans there and everyone turned and boo'd us! And told us to go home! It was hilarious! That was all in good fun but there were some seriously mad people who were disgusted to see us there.

We were pretty much at the very top of the stadium so when we walked up the stairs and turned the corner everyone above us saw us immediately (i mean how can you miss that clifford the big red dog parka?) and started yelling at us! And those who didn't see us immediately, turned to look as soon as they heard all the booing and promptly joined in!

The shot above is funny because we wanted to get a photo with the field in the background and were doing the whole self portrait thing when the guy sitting behind us offered to take it. After he snapped the shot he said "oh, I didn't see your hat" Apparently he wouldn't have offered had he noticed we were angel fans! SO FUNNY!

Bobby Abreu is my favorite so I had to get a shot of him on the screen since I couldn't get one of him in real life. He just looks like a cute cuddly teddy bear! Good reason to be my fave huh?

What an amazing stadium! I'm so glad we were able to be there! What an experience!!!

It started to get really cold really fast! So I bundled up as much as possible. There was a guy sitting in front of us wearing shorts! I couldn't believe it! I was freezing!

Even though the Angels lost, and that was sad, it was super cool to be there at game six! And watch the Yankees win the American League Championships! Too bad it wasn't the Angels.

GO ANGELS!!!! We still love you! And there's always next year!

Another wonderful day in new york! And still more to come!


tutu lady said...

Wow, you cram a lot in one day!? It looks like you all are enjoying yourselves. Didn't Tam or Evan ever have to go to work or school? Nice life. Maybe not as great as your life, but, nice. You got a few really nice pics.