Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New York: Day 5

Another awesome day in New York! We started the day off by going to Grand Central Station. What a cool place that is! We just went inside and took a look around for a bit.

On our way out there was this big open area that look like it was roped off but not really. No one was there and we just wanted to go walk around and sit on the benches. As we walked up we noticed there was something left on the bench. As we got closer it looked like an iPod touch or iPhone. sure enough when we got there it was an I phone. We opened it up to see if we could find a number to call to return it. We called the last number the person called and it was the woman's husband. He told us where she worked so we set off to return it to her... but not before taking some self portraits with her phone! hahah!

Here's stuart on the phone:

After our wild goose chase trying to find this lady we met up with Evan for a quick lunch. I forget what it was called but it was another rueben sandwich kind of place and oh so tasty. It was right down the street from this cool building (the flat iron building).

Stuart took this picture... see me?

We really wanted to see a Broadway show and were told to try and get tickets through the lottery they hold the day of. We were trying to get tickets for "In the Heights". They only have so many available so you line up and at a certain time a lady comes out tells you to write your name on a paper and whether you want 1 or 2 tickets. You have to come back in and hour or so and she will draw names until all the tickets are gone. Me, Stuart, Tam, and Evan all filled one out for 2 tickets each to better our odds. We were feeling lucky and Tamara and Evan's name both got pulled so we were all able to see it! Tickets were cheap and such good seats!!! We were FRONT AND CENTER! It was an awesome show full of great music and dancing and some very likable characters. Here we are so excited about our tickets!

Here we are after the show in Time square!

What a fun day!!!! More fun is sure to come, so stay tuned!!!


tutu lady said...

Sounds like a great day! Keep them photos coming.

Ashley and Andy B said...

I saw that show!! It was pretty good huh