Friday, April 18, 2008

That was Awesome!

A while back we participated in a Beach clean up at our local beach here. It was an event put on by the BYU-H Ocean Appreciation Club and the Kokua Hawaii Foundation. We set out with out big trash bag and filled it up. After everyone had finished, we were able to load up Tank with bags and bags of rubbish and haul it over to the dump time and time again.

Because of Tank's super star effort we were invited to go to this private little show yesterday at the 101.9 radio station where Jack Johnson and Mason Jennings were there to play a few songs. We were pretty much stoked out of our minds before we even got there and saw how cool this really was! There was a room with a little stage in the corner and couches and tables set up around it. It was such a small area it was crazy! Without delay Jack and his guys came out there was a little chit chat between them and the radio host guy and then they started playing! Here's Jack!

And yes... we really were this close! I didn't even have my big fatty zoom lens so I really was sitting there about 8 feet away.

After a couple songs Mason came out and they played a couple of his songs together! The sound was absolutely amazing! It was funny how being so close, I could kinda here their voices coming from them and not the sound system.

Here is Zack with his accordion :

Mason Jennings is one of Stuarts favorites! He was so shocked at how after they were done, no one was really paying any attention to him (everyone was crowded around Jack)... so he goes over and starts talking to him like they were old friends, for a second there I thought he was going to invite him over to hang out with us! Hahah!

Here's me and Mason.

Other people who were there were getting shirts and lame coasters signed by them... but we went all out and now have the coolest autographed guitar!

My guitar was a cheap little thing that we carved designs into last year. It was all black but Stuart had the genius idea to sand part of it down to get it down to bare wood. So now we have this Guitar signed by Mason Jennings, Jack Johnson, and Zack the accordion guy (sorry didn't catch his last name)!

Oh yeah... and we're going to Kokua Fest Tomorrow! Its a concert with Jack "and friends" that means people like Mason Jennings, Dave Matthews, and others will be there performing! Its gonna be awesome! Sorry though, no professional cameras allowed but it'll still be pretty rad!

It was pretty dark in there and i'm not too good with low light settings yet.... but you get the picture. =)


Mahina said...

that's awesome! good thing you brought your guitar! good thinking!!

too bad it was so dark in there! i am so bad at taking photos indoor with bad lighting! you did a pretty good job!

The Foy Family said...

WoW! I can't even believe how lucky you guys are!! That must have been amazing!! I am so glad you guys got to do that! =) And Malia, your photos are so amazing!! You really should post more with lot's and lot's of photos! I'm loving looking at them! =) Let us know how tomorrow goes!

love you!!

Flyin' Hawaiian said...

SA-WEET! i think that stu should have asked him to hang out or at least paddle out together sometime ;D then you could get in good with the whole crew and they could be your little kids' godfathers and stuff ..

Michal said...

very cool. and so like stu to talk to mason jennings like they are pals. he is just so easy with everyone-- he gets it from his dad.

what a cool experience. i remember once when dad got tickets to go to a private david wilcox concert at mcabe's. it wasn't quite as intimate as this one--there were probably about 100 people there--but it was very cool. i don't know why he took me, come to think of it. sorry, mom.:) i remember being amazed as i watched his fingers move up and down on the neck of the guitar--i'd never seen anything like it.

tutu lady said...

You guys aren't lucky. Just blessed becouse of your goodness. This sounds great for you. Have more of the same to come. Love ya'll, just like everyone else.

Allison said...

I can't think of two better people to get to go to that little gathering.

Very Cool!

Erin and James said...

i am so jealous! how amazing! i would love to go to things like that!