Friday, April 25, 2008

Spring Break!

That doesn't really mean much to me these days since i'm not in school, however, Stuart finished his finals on Wednesday and has a week long break. This morning we got up early and headed out to the beach. Stuart was able to get a little surf session in before his leash broke. But here are a few shots I caught of him.

Getting Covered Up

His board washed up on the shore so I ran and grabbed it... so all he had to carry was his leash... isn't he cute?!? And what fashion sense he has, surfing in his button up shirt!


Flyin' Hawaiian said...

are you serious!?!? that is such a SICK wave! why weren't you out there maila?? i NEED to come visit!

tutu lady said...

What a nice day and beautiful waves! Yes, he is cute! Have a great break. Love ya'll

scrap chair potato said...

Great photos. The water is so beautiful.
He is so cute, always smiling, I love that about him.

Mahina said...

those photos are awesome! you lovin' your lens, or what??? you should get those into a surf mag!

so, why does he surf with his button up shirt???

ashley said...

looks fun!
remind me again why we haven't been surfing together??????

Michal said...

that wave looks amazing. and i'm not even a surfer. your photography is so great, malia.
i love the picture of stu walking up the beach. it is so him. it just makes me smile to see him. have i told you how much ian reminds me of stuart? it makes me miss stuart and feel like i have him nearby all at the same time.

Erin and James said...

those are some fabulous pics. the last one of your hubby looks way professional...he could be one of those abercrombie models!