Tuesday, March 18, 2008

We Love Visitors!

We were so lucky to have Alli, Flint and Isaac with us for a couple days this weekend! We loved every minute we were able to spend with them and were so happy they were able to make it over here! Here are a few pictures from our Sunday Adventure.... and by Adventure I really mean viewing the beauty of our Heavenly Father's creations...

Our first stop was at a beautiful Bay... I felt that this picture of the bay reflected in Stuart's "oh so cool" sunglasses was more fun than just a picture of the bay itself.

Next stop was Pipeline: Were able to sit a while and enjoy the entertainment of watching the world class surf... it also gave me the chance to play with our new camera (still learning how to use it!)

Here's Flint getting a closer look:

It was nice and relaxing sitting on the beach, I think even Isaac enjoyed himself!

After Pipe, we went up above Waimea Bay to the Heiau (where there used to be an ancient Hawaiian temple). This picture of the grasshopper qualifies the trip as a nature walk.

There is such an amazing view from up there. I love that you can look out to Ka'ena point (top left corner), and that you can see the lines coming in on the ocean.

Here's the happy family!

This was taken on our way to Turtle Bay to watch the sunset. I just love this picture!

I know this may not be the best exposure wise but I love it... Alli looks like an angel! And Isaac is adorable too of course... but that goes without saying.

And this was the sunset we were able to enjoy! I love my home!
Sunday was Stake conference so we got out at 12pm, we played a few games while lunch was cooking in the oven then headed out. Alli was saying how nice it was that we got out early and still had the rest of the day to enjoy... we laughed because we usually start at 8 and get out at 11am. So I thought it was nice that we were able to sleep in!

Its always nice to have friends and family come visit! We're looking forward to next week when Dad is coming out for a few days (he's working on a video for his 50th High School Reunion!!!) Can you believe that!?!? And next month the Facer's will be out here on vacation!

So anyone else coming out for a visit? You're always welcome!


Michal said...

50th? no way!
it looks like you had a great time. we'd love to be your next visitors. if only we had a job like flint's that paid for trips to hawaii! we'll get there eventually.
i loved the shot of stu in the side view mirror. and the one of the grasshopper is amazing. truly.

ashley said...

hi! we saw you guys, but had 2 keiki's who were ready to go and we had to go bbq for the fam dinner or we would have come down and said hi! we get out of church at 1, so we should get together some sunday in the afternoon, that would be fun!

did you know that a bodyboarder died at pipe just before we were there? crazy huh? we got there right after the ambulance left. just one more reason not to surf on the sabbath...

Allison said...

We had a wonderful visit. Friday we joined Stu's tour at the PCC and did some bowling at the ward's game night. Saturday we got sunburned while enjoying the north shore. Sunday was the best! Games (Malia and I were beaten soundly by Flint and Stu in two games of Spades.) Adventure (God's creations are not hard to find and appreciate in Hawaii.) Food (Malia made us two delicious meals. Chicken enchiladas and beans for lunch and yummy yummy fried rice for dinner!!!) Thanks for being such wonderful hosts. We love you!

Mahina said...

i love your eye for photography! the first one of the bay in stuart's glass is way cool!!

i want to come visit so bad! sigh!

Vogels said...
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Vogels said...

Malia! Your pictures are turning out great, I love them

tutu lady said...

Soooo, happy to see and hear from you again. Good shots! Malia. I really like the first pipe shot, wish I was there again with you. No celebs this time? No Hasselhoffs? Oh well, I'm sure he'll show up again sometime.

Flyin' Hawaiian said...

seeing those lines makes me jealous ...

p.s. i have a dream log now .. you might want to check it out and link to me ;P hehe

Erin and James said...

look at you so creative with your new camera! I was looking through all the pictures and loving them! you are doing a fabulous job with that thing!